Is OCPD treatable

Increase efficiency - treatment

If COPD is detected early, the course of the disease can be slowed down. Medicines can relieve symptoms and exercise can improve performance.


Indispensable: stop smoking

There is no cure for COPD. Further destruction of the lungs can only be slowed down by stopping smoking. It is therefore worthwhile to stop smoking at any stage of the disease.


Medicines relieve symptoms

Drugs that widen the airways can relieve the discomfort and shortness of breath during physical exertion. Usually the drug is inhaled once or several times a day. This treatment helps to improve lung function, to greater efficiency and thus to a higher quality of life. At an advanced stage, the inflammation in the bronchi is treated with inhalable cortisone preparations.


Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination

People with COPD should get vaccinations to prevent respiratory infections: once a year against the flu and every five to six years against a common cause of pneumonia - pneumococci.


Oxygen therapy improves quality of life

In the end-stage of the disease, those affected can experience chronic oxygen deficiency. This is compensated for by oxygen therapy, which makes breathing easier and improves the quality of life.


Training increases performance

Patients with COPD are often untrained. You avoid physical exertion because it causes shortness of breath. As a result, less and less stress leads to more and more shortness of breath. This vicious circle can be broken. For example, with pulmonary rehabilitation or by participating in specialized training groups.