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Euphoric phase

You just come from Tokyo. Does the city inspire you?
Halsey: Totally. The city is so wonderfully anonymous. I can walk around there and do what I want without anyone noticing. And there I find an incredible number of suggestions for my art, especially when it comes to the visual. For such a respectful and reserved culture, the Japanese and even more so the Japanese women dress very daringly. They often look like it took them hours to get dressed. This dedication inspires me.

You, too, are difficult to pin down when it comes to fashion, you have countless wigs and always surprising outfits. What does Halsey look like during the "Manic" phase?
Halsey: I've never been more myself than on this album. That makes it pretty easy in terms of fashion. I barely dress up at the moment, there are no wings, no “Romeo and Juliet” thing, the album is really, very, very much about me. “Manic” is by far the record on which I show myself the most.

You now live in Los Angeles and have made a world career as a musician. Is your life comparable to that of other 25 year olds?
Halsey: I think about that question a lot myself. What happens because of my lifestyle and what happens because I'm in my mid-20s and no longer live at home? If you move to another city to study or to work, you won't see your family that often either. The difference is that I support my parents financially. That's usually the other way around.

Do you still have friends who have nothing to do with the entertainment industry?
Halsey: I have a good friend who works on Wall Street. We sometimes talk on the phone while she looks out the window in her office and tells me for an hour what's going on in her job. For me, it's incredibly nice to just hear something completely different.

The surprising thing about your album “Manic” is how optimistic most of the songs sound. Your music used to be mostly dark. But a song like your new single "You Should Be Sad" sounds really lively and, like country pop, like Shania Twain. Halsey: I know Depri days will come again, but I was in a very euphoric phase throughout the making of the record. And you can hear that from her. “Graveyard” is probably the darkest song on the album, there are maybe two and a half in total. What is new and almost a bit weird to me. “Manic” has a clearly humorous note, I no longer take myself as seriously as I used to, which is one of the reasons why there are less dark things.

Is it on purpose that the songs shouldn't be lumped together stylistically?
Halsey: Full. Why should Halsey of all people, who first has to listen to herself in the morning to see which Halsey is just starting the day, have to decide on a genre? The concept of these songs is just me. I sing about what kind of person I have become and I am not afraid to show the not so beautiful sides of myself.

Do you like the Halsey you are today?
Halsey: Yeah. 19-year-old Halsey had no idea what the 25-year-old would be like. The twenties are the time to find out who you really are, which aspects of you are really real, and which you just want others to do for you. For example, I've always told everyone, “Hey, I'm a night owl who likes to go out and party”. Well, now at 25 I accept reality.

Halsey: I'm a breakfast guy who likes to stay out of the house all day. I am a person who loves the beach and the water and does not want to spend my life in the big city. When I was 19, I thought I had to be wild, tough and mean. But in reality I am nice and kind and kind to everyone. Today I have no idea why I wanted to be such a bitch back then.