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Soccer World Cup Condemned to watch: India

Silke Diettrich in conversation with Jörg Degenhardt

Even if India is not there: in many places, for example in Calcutta, there are flags and posters for the 2018 World Cup. (Imago / Hindustan Times)

How is the World Cup actually perceived in countries that have not qualified for it? In the first episode of our World Cup series, we look to India. Correspondent Silke Diettrich reports whether football is still an issue there.

In Nachspiel-Magazin we are looking at countries that are not part of the soccer World Cup in Russia. Both in those who have a football history and culture, that is, only failed in their qualification, as well as in those in which there are other sporting traditions.

India, for example, a country with a current population of 1.3 billion, has other traditions. Nevertheless, the world championship is noticed, says ARD correspondent Silke Diettrich in an interview with Jörg Degenhardt. All the daily newspapers reported on the results or the importance of the World Cup for Russia. In the streets of Delhi, however, flags in the windows or on cars are nil. And football will definitely not be the talk of the town for the next few weeks.

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