Are you a deep thinker

This is what happens when you are a deep thinker and a sensitive soul

You analyze everything so thoroughly and rethink everything you do and say. You never give yourself time off and are always too hard on yourself.

You are a deep thinker and a sensitive soul

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You take other people's words too seriously and try to understand exactly what they meant and how they said it.

You're driving yourself crazy because one part of you wants to ask them why they said that and the other part just doesn't want the question to sound crazy.

You only see the world in black and white because you cannot be in the middle.

You can't be satisfied with gray because you don't know how to half feel, half love, or half live.

You devote yourself entirely to something or not at all. Either give everything of yourself or you feel empty all the time.

Many traits have been attributed to you, such as too sensitive, too deep, too emotional, too serious, crazy and indecisive.

And what is most admired about you is that you are an idealist.

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You always have the feeling that you don't belong to society.

You have this inner struggle to be present in life, but most of the time you don't really feel connected to your surroundings or the people around you.

This is why you thrive when you work alone or when you are isolated from your routine.

You crave love most of the time, but you don't like being the center of attention.

Your heart is fragile and hopeful and if you don't get the affection or love you have been looking for, it breaks you and you distance yourself from the world because you need time to heal.

Even if it wasn't serious, just an affair or a one-sided love.

You're always trying to make sense of everything.

You are trying to understand the meaning behind your pain or heartbreak as well as your loss and the lessons you have learned.

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Because you can't just live without getting answers to your questions.

You also have a special relationship with God and the universe. Sometimes you feel deeply connected to the universe like you are one and your bond is so strong.

But sometimes you feel so distant as if you no longer understand the universe and then in turn it feels like you are fighting the universe and this is a fight where you cannot figure out how to win.

If you are both a deep thinker and a sensitive soul, you are likely to suffer from insomnia.

Your bed is the place where your thoughts and fears suddenly haunt you and where you question everything you say and what you do.

This is the place where you question yourself, life, God, love and everything in between.

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But if that is you, then you are special.

You know about art and you have magic in you.

Something about this unique connection feeds the fire within you to be someone worth remembering, doing something extraordinary for the world, harnessing all the madness within you and turning it into wisdom.

You become an alchemist who turns his pain and darkness into gold.

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