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The custom ROM flash goes wrong - what now?

Dennis Steimels

The custom ROM is the last step to a new software version on the Android smartphone. But if there is only one small thing wrong, the flashing fails and the cell phone no longer starts properly. We'll tell you what to do in this case.

EnlargeWith a custom ROM you get a new system version on your smartphone, which often offers more features. At Cyanogenmod you can find systems for most cell phones.

If you make changes to the software via rooting and flashing custom ROMs, it can be a mess. Only one file does not have to fit, for example the smartphone is stuck in the boot loop. So it starts over and over again by itself. However, as long as you can still access the bootloader via a corresponding key combination, there is a good chance of saving the cell phone.

What is a custom ROM?

A custom ROM is an alternative firmware to the original operating system, which as a rule does not come from the device manufacturer, but was developed by private individuals or third-party companies. The advantage: Most of the time, these software versions have extended settings and more extensive functions than the original system.

In addition, you can use a custom ROM to play the latest Android versions on your older smartphone, for which updates are normally no longer provided. This is how you benefit from the latest features. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that the software can contain bugs as it is not optimized specifically for this device.

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What does "flashing" mean?

When you flash your Android smartphone, you usually overwrite the "kernel", i.e. the system core in which the basic data of the operating system are anchored, with new data. The system partition is therefore deleted and fed with new data from the custom ROM.

By the way: The prerequisite for flashing existing software is always rooting. You must therefore have all user rights.

Custom ROM: How to swap out your Android

Error while flashing the custom ROM

Because you adapt the software and overwrite the original data, mistakes can occur. Mainly because you have to rely on the files provided by third parties, there are some dangers to flashing. For this reason, you always act at your own risk.

EnlargeIn the phone information of your Android device you will find the Android version with its build number, which is relevant for the correct custom ROM.

When flashing a custom ROM, it is important to ensure that you have the right software; As a rule, the versions can be identified by their build number. You can find the build number of your smartphone in the settings under "Device information> Software". If you use an arbitrary custom ROM, the chances are high that the installation will fail.

But even if the file version is correct, unexpected errors can occur. Then the smartphone no longer starts, it hangs in the boot loop or it simply cannot be installed - the latter being the least of the problems. It can also happen that the new software has so many bugs that it can hardly be used. Only a new installation will help here.

Saving smartphones - prevention

If the flashing of the custom ROM fails, installing the stock ROM usually helps - this is the original original version. However, because it is not always easy to transfer a file to the smartphone when the smartphone no longer starts and is not recognized by the PC, you should take precautions.

Basically, you download the stock ROM from the Internet and - very importantly - save it after rooting it in the internal memory of the smartphone.

Find and download stock ROM

If you have a Nexus device with classic Android, you can get all the official Android systems from Google itself. To do this, visit the PC-Welt website, search for your Nexus model, and download the appropriate ROM version Your version of Android to your PC and then save it to the internal memory of the smartphone.

In the case of cell phones that work with a user interface from the respective manufacturer, it is more difficult to load the original system - especially if you have a rather unknown device for which it is hardly worth developing your own systems. Here you are dependent on third-party providers. Strictly speaking, the stock ROM is also a custom ROM, but it is the same as the original version. Enter "[device name] Stock-ROM Download" into a search engine such as www.google.de - example: "Samsung Galaxy S5 Stock-ROM Download". You can then find the right stock ROM for your smartphone via a search hit website. Always pay attention to the correct file name. You can recognize the file by the smartphone model and the corresponding Android version. As already explained above, this can be found in the smartphone settings under "Device information".

We recommend the following method, however, because you not only save and restore your "real" Stock ROM with the current app version, but also save files such as photos and videos at the same time.

System backup for rooted smartphones

If you want to flash your Android smartphone, you have to root it beforehand - we therefore assume that this step is already successfully behind you. With the rights you have acquired, you can now create system backups.

The advantage is obvious: you back up the stock ROM, so you don't have to search for the appropriate file on the Internet; You back up all stored files such as videos and photos as well as app data at the same time, and the backup is immediately in the internal storage!

EnlargeWith the Nandroid app you can save a complete system backup of your rooted smartphone.

You can download such a comprehensive backup with the Nandroid software. You usually run the backup tool in your Custom Recovery, which you usually transfer to the smartphone with a root - the best-known recoveries are Teamwin and Clockworkmod. With the "Online Nandroid Backup" application, which you can find at www.pcwelt.de/mobu, you can create the system backup while the system is running - you can use the smartphone while it is running.