What are the most interesting flight routes

Top 10 - The flight routes with the highest number of passengers worldwide

The ten routes with the highest number of passengers can only be found in the Asia-Pacific region. On average, more than 36,000 passengers fly the most-used connection in the world every day.

In our ranking you will find the most frequented flight routes in 2017 with the respective number of passengers. The data is based on research by Routes, a UK company that, among other things, organizes networking events for the aviation industry.

10th place: 5,269,481 passengers

The international terminal of Tokyo Haneda Airport (Photo and Copyright: Adkdhc8).

Flight connection:

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) - Okinawa Naha Airport

Seat 9: 5,271,304 passengers

Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Indonesia (Photo and Copyright: Gunawan Kartapranata).

Flight connection:

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport - Surabaya Juanda International Airport

Seat 6: 6,833,684 passengers

Beijing Capital International Airport is located 29 kilometers outside the city center of Beijing in a north-easterly direction (Photo and Copyright: Beijing Capital International).

Flight connection:

Beijing Capital International Airport - Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Seat 7: 6,769,823 passengers

The airport of the Vietnamese capital Hanoi is the second largest in the country (Photo and Copyright: Hanoi International Airport).

Flight connection:

Hanoi Airport - Ho Chi Minh City Airport

5th place: 7,129,943 passengers

Air India long-haul jets are being prepared for their nightly departures at Delhi Airport (Photo and Copyright: Delhi Airport).

Flight connection:

Mumbai Airport - Delhi Airport

Seat 8: 6,719,030 passengers

Hong Kong International Airport is the largest cargo airport in the world and also Hong Kong's largest commercial airport (Photo and Copyright: Hong Kong Airport)

Flight connection:

Hong Kong International Airport - Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

2nd place: 9 090 941 passengers

Melbourne International Airport is located 22 kilometers northwest of the city center (Photo and Copyright: Melbourne Airport).

Flight connection:

Melbourne Airport - Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

4th place: 7,864,000 passengers

Fukuoka Airport in Japan is an international airport on Kyushu Island (Photo and Copyright: Fukuoka Airport).

Flight connection:

Fukuoka Airport - Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

3rd place: 8 726 502 passengers

Tokyo International Airport is the second largest airport in Asia after Beijing Airport (Photo and Copyright: Haneda International Airport).

Flight connection:

Sapporo New Chitose Airport - Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

1st place: 13,460,306 passengers

Seoul's Gimpo Airport is closer to the city than the newly built Incheon hub (Photo: Gimpo Airport)

Flight connection:

Jeju International Airport - Seoul Gimpo International Airport

The short route between the South Korean capital and the island of Jejudo, around 450 kilometers away, is the flight connection with the highest number of passengers in the world. There are an average of 180 flights per day on the route - one every 8 minutes.