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Your all-in-one pod deployment app for drivers

Would you like to optimize your delivery processes?

TrackPOD is an easy-to-use, all-in-one application for delivery drivers designed for both drivers and back office managers. For your back office team, TrackPOD deployment software makes it easy to assign and track tasks. Our app for drivers helps you manage your deliveries and determine the best routes in real time, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Download for free today and feel how easy it can be delivery with TrackPOD.

The app for delivery drivers that really delivers

The all-in-one POD deployment app

From contacts and POD to customer bills and task assignment - the TrackPOD Driver App does it all.

Free download

This driver application for Android and iPhone is free and takes just a few seconds to download.

Easy to use

Designed with the drivers in mind, the app is easy to navigate and doesn't require any training.

Detailed delivery dates

The app provides your back office team with all the data it needs, from the location of the driver to the delivery confirmations.

The Track-POD Delivery Driver App for your drivers

→ Are your drivers tired of being stuck in a traffic jam on the way to a delivery?

→ Or are you tired of struggling through a pile of paperwork just to get the job done?

→ Or are you tired of going through the employee in the office every time you have to contact a customer?

Then the TrackPOD Driver App is just right for you. You will receive up-to-the-minute notifications of what and where to deliver. In addition, the app's real-time route optimization gives you the best route to your destination. Customers can follow the progress of their delivery in real time. And if your drivers need to get in touch with the customer to let them know that they are leaving early, they can contact them directly via the app. In addition, customers can use the app's innovative electronic proof of delivery software to sign their deliveries directly on their driver's smartphone. There is even a function to attach photos if there is a problem with the delivered goods. With these intelligent functions, time-consuming paperwork is a thing of the past. And the best part about it? All of this can be done with a single, easy-to-use smartphone app.

Take control of your deliveries

An all-in-one app that offers delivery notifications, a real-time route planner and direct customer contact.

Android and iPhone compatibility (iOS)

Do everything from the comfort of your smartphone. Plan your route. Contact your customer. Your deliveries can even be signed over your phone.

Cut down on time-consuming paperwork

With the "Sign on Glass" function of the app, deliveries are completed in a single movement. That means less paperwork to deal with.

The TrackPOD Delivery Driver App for your back office

Using existing delivery scheduling software to track your drivers and assign new tasks can be complicated, expensive, and time consuming. However, TrackPOD's driver app is different and gives you precise, affordable, and effortless delivery management.

Suitable for trucks, vans, motorcycles and bicycles, this vehicle tracking application offers automatic order assignment, real-time delivery tracking, embedded intelligent navigation, instant data transfer to your system, automatic delivery notes and invoices to your customers, and much more. The app is easy to integrate into your business - it can be downloaded for free and is compatible with your drivers' Android and iOS mobile phones. And you will immediately see the benefits: financial savings, less administrative overhead, and smoother relationships with your drivers.

Track drivers in real time

With our dashboard and the Track-POD Driver App, you know in real time where your drivers are and when an order is being delivered.

Assign tasks quickly and easily

Automate your delivery and task assignment. Easily assign deliveries and collections with our dashboard.

Fast implementation and low cost

You can get started with Track-POD without any investment. The Track-POD app can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone and Android.

How the TrackPOD driver app works

Step 1

Assigning deliveries

With automated task assignment, you can easily assign deliveries to your drivers and couriers via our dashboard. You will receive the task immediately via the TrackPOD Driver App on your smartphone.

step 2

Navigation and driver tracking

As soon as the driver is on the move, the app's embedded intelligent navigation guides them along the fastest route. You and the customer can follow the drivers' progress in real time so you know when delivery can be expected.

step 3

Completion of the delivery

Once the driver arrives, they can access all of the contact information in the app - so there's no need to bother you. The delivery is completed with the push of a button using the app's Sign on Glass technology. There is also the option to take photos and attach them in case there are problems with the goods.

Step 4

Notifying the customer

An automatic delivery notification and payment receipt will be sent to the customer by email. The data is also transmitted to your central system via 4G or Wi-Fi. After the delivery is complete, our system will immediately find another order that you can assign to this driver.


  • We were able to record an efficiency increase of 15% in our delivery logistics with Track-POD. Before we started using Track-POD, delivery notes and credit invoices were very time consuming and involved a lot of manual work (which often led to errors). Not only have we been able to significantly improve the tracking of our customer service, but have also been able to automate the sending of our invoices.

    Ivari Vokk
    Managing Director of Horeca Service
  • Since we handle the delivery of the "last mile" for large companies such as DHL, DPD, TNT, UPS or FEDEX, we had to find a way to make our own team more efficient and receive delivery details and images of the recipient's signatures in real time - i.e. proof of delivery. Track-POD has become a crucial tool for automating our work.

    Muhina Luba
    deputy director of PKS
  • I am very satisfied with this app and its functions. I've tried some other delivery software before, but they were too complicated for a delivery company like ours. With its route optimization and route planning functions, this delivery app has so far been a perfect match for us.

    Gustavo Leão
    Managing Director of Frutas de Balaio

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