Can an osprey be used for falconry

Types of hunting

The birds of prey have different types of hunting and strategies. Eagles and buzzards often sit on an observation post.

I say, "You hunt with the eye."

The correct expression is "hunt quietly". In good weather conditions they circle and search the area for prey and ace with their excellent eyes.
Eagles also like to go to ace (fallen game).

Eagles, buzzards, kites and harriers beat their prey mainly on the ground, with the harriers sometimes grabbing young birds.


Kites like to eat fish every now and then. These are mostly dead fish that swim on the surface of the water.

Among the buzzards, the honey buzzard is an outspoken specialist. As the name suggests, it mainly takes wasps, namely the larvae. To do this, he digs the honeycombs out of the earth's interior.

Among the eagles, the osprey is an eccentric. It only eats (crooks) fish that it catches during a hunting flight while gliding, interrupted by brief shaking, over the water.


The hawk and the sparrowhawk are hunters who can hit their prey on the ground as well as in the air. They hunt out of cover (surprise hunters), although they can be quite fast over a short distance.
They all seize and kill their prey with their fangs (grip killers).

Falcons spot their prey, among other things, from the observation area or hunt their prey from a great distance. They reach enormous speeds in the fighter flight / dive flight. Hawks are predominantly open air hunters. However, the kestrel mostly hits mice. In bad times he also takes birds and insects.


With the hawks, the beating and killing is different than with all other griffins. They seize or knock down the prey, hold their prey with their fangs (handle holder) and kill it with a targeted bite in the neck, the so-called nod (bite stab).


Falcons have a point on their upper beak, a protrusion known as a falcon tooth.
Many falcons have so-called holding nubs under their fangs, which make it easier for them to hold their prey.


Vultures only pick up ace (fallen game) that they spot and smell from a great height.


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