Morphine or hydromorphone causes worse constipation

Drug abuse Fentanyl - pain relievers with risks

Fentanyl is not just any pain reliever. Fentanyl is the strongest that pharmacies have to offer. It is used for severe tumor pain, i.e. cancer patients, rheumatism and operations in hospitals. Pharmacist Christophjacket explains how it is used:

Fentanyl is a highly effective substance, many times higher than morphine and is used to treat severe and extremely severe pain.

Christophjacket, pharmacist

The active ingredient is an artificially produced morphine. Therefore, Fentanyl also falls under the Narcotics Act and there is an obligation to provide special documentation when this pain reliever is prescribed. Fentanyl is part of the standard equipment at German pharmacies.

It is issued on a triple copy, it is also a yellow prescription. Of these three copies, one goes to the health insurance company for billing, one stays with the prescribing doctor for documentation and one at the pharmacy for documentation. According to the pharmacy operating regulations, it is even mandatory that pain plasters are in stock in the pharmacy. But to prevent misuse in the event of a break-in, for example, the narcotics are locked in a special cupboard in a safe.

Christophjacket, pharmacist

For the pharmacist jacket, fentanyl is a very important drug in the treatment of pain. Again and again, however, he feels that patients are afraid to take this drug. Under medical supervision and as prescribed by a doctor, the benefits of the drug outweigh side effects such as constipation. Like all opiates, the drug is also addictive.

It's very popular in the drug scene because it's so powerful. The abuse potential is very high with fentanyl and this abuse potential is there.

Christophjacket, pharmacist

Fentanyl comes in different forms. As an infusion for anesthesia, as a pain plaster and there are lollipops that you put under your tongue.

There have been reports of deaths where children accidentally took the lollipops that were originally given to grandmothers to treat severe pain.

Christophjacket, pharmacist

In addition to relieving pain, Fentanyl is very soothing and slows breathing. An overdose can then - as probably also in the case of the pop star Prince - lead to respiratory failure.