What if you call your pediatrician

Who likes to wait?

Dear patients, dear parents.

We and our employees do our utmost to keep their waiting times as short as possible. If you have a fixed appointment, you will usually get it quickly, without a fixed appointment it can take a little longer, as we then have to insert you between the regular appointments depending on the urgency (severity of the illness, age, etc.). Since around 2/3 of all treatments in our practice are acute cases that have to be treated immediately and without an appointment, there are sometimes longer waiting times at peak times, which are unfortunately unavoidable. Then it can take longer, even with a fixed date.

In order to reduce waiting times in acute cases, it is always advisable to call the practice so that the medical assistants can look for ways to give them a convenient time to come. If it takes longer, you can leave the practice to do something, but only after consulting the doctor's assistants.

Experience has shown that there are times when it is particularly busy. These are mostly the mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday morning is particularly affected. For this reason, we are also open all day on Mondays. In times of expected peak activity (winter time, waves of infections), it is advisable to come outside of these times if possible in order to reduce your waiting time.

Please note that, especially during peak hours, firm commitments as to how long it will take are almost impossible. Our team is very experienced and well organized and always tries to minimize waiting times. Ultimately, however, every patient must always be treated with sufficient time and care. Please also consider whether in lighter cases (for example a check-up for an illness that has already improved significantly) it is really necessary to visit the practice at peak times. If in doubt, you can consult the medical assistants here.

Unfortunately our colleague Ms. Friesen in Hachenburg closed her practice on July 1st, 2017 without finding a successor. Since at the same time most of the colleagues have stopped admission in their practices, the number of patients has increased significantly since then. The imminent closure of the Rechenbach pediatric practice in Dierdorf with an unexplained successor will worsen the situation. This means that the waiting times in our practice will unfortunately increase even in peak times when there are waves of infections. We kindly ask for your understanding if it should take longer, the whole team always tries hard to make the best possible for all patients.