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8 tips on how to rock the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test

In many consultations, an online test is part of the selection process. Oliver Wyman also checks candidates in this way: with theNumerical Reasoning Test. Compared to other tests, however, this one is even more challenging. He is considered one of themost difficult tests in the application world. But don't worry: with our tips and the right preparation you will pass the Numerical Reasoning Test with confidence!

What is the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test and why is it so difficult?

While the tests at BCG and McKinsey cover several dimensions as well as the analysis of data, the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test focuses on mathematical problems, similar to the GMAT.

Usually the Numerical Reasoning Test takes time20 minutes and consists of a maximum of30 multiple choice questions. That means you have less than a minute in total to answer a question.

Apart from the time pressure and the strong mathematical focus, the negative points for wrong answers make the test so difficult. Oliver Wyman punishes namelyevery wrong answer with a point deduction. That means you can't just guess answers like you can with McKinsey’s PST. Nevertheless, the numerical reasoning test also has advantages: You can use a calculator because you take the online test at home. You can also jump back and forth between questions. However, don't make the mistake of underestimating the test - the right preparation is crucial for your success!

What questions does the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test contain?

Questions can look like this:

  • A pen costs € 0.60. The offer includes 12 pens for the price of 10. How much does a pen cost now?
  • One company reports 8 years of consecutive sales growth. Sales are now double what they were 8 years ago. What is the CAGR?
  • What is the least common multiple of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 24?
  • You have 10 apples, 2 of which are bad. If you choose 4 apples, what is the probability that there will be at least one bad apple?
  • How likely is it that it will rain two days in a row within 5 days if the daily chance of rain is 50%?

You can find more questions in our real Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning practice test.

What is the minimum number of points I have to achieve in the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test?

There is no officially known minimum number of points, but you will usually fall if less than50% of the total points through the test. That might not sound like that difficult to you, but don't forget that you will get a point deducted for every wrong answer!

Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test Tips

Tip 1: Find out if the Numerical Reasoning Test is part of your selection process

Depending on which location you are applying to, you may not have to take the Numerical Reasoning Test at Oliver Wyman. Before you waste valuable time preparing for case interviews, you should usee-mail Clarify with your local HR contact whether the Numerical Reasoning Test is part of your selection process. If that is the case, then start preparing, because the test is quite demanding!

Tip 2: Brush up on your math skills

It has probably been a while since your last math exam. Therefore, you should repeat the following topics that can be addressed in the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test:

  • algebra
  • Key figures
  • Calculating percentages
  • geometry
  • Probability theory
  • permutation
  • Combinatorics

You should definitely know common formulas such as diameter, volume or area of ​​geometric shapes. You can also get a clearFormula collection create. However, you should be able to find and apply any formula in a flash! Even if you are oneUse a calculator it can't hurt to practice quick mental arithmetic. You will need mental arithmetic skills at the latest for the actual case interviews, because you are not allowed to use a calculator there. The earlier you start training, the better!

Tip 3: Choose your preparation material carefully

In contrast to other consultations, Oliver Wyman does not provide sample questions for his math test. We therefore recommend that you start by solving GMAT questions. These are similar to the tasks of the Numerical Reasoning Test and you can find them online for free. Apart from that, you will not find any online or offline preparation material for the Oliver Wyman math test. That's why we are atPrepLounge designed an Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning practice test for you in collaboration with experienced Oliver Wyman consultants. This will help you to understand the basic test structure and to pass every test of this type with flying colors.

Tip 4: Ask former candidates for advice

Perhaps you have acquaintances who have already gone through the application process at Oliver Wyman. Ask them if they can still remember any test questions! Even if they probably no longer have the specific questions and answers in mind, they can give you an idea of ​​what the test looks like and what you need to pay special attention to. With that you canbenefit from the experience of others and make your preparation even more efficient. If you don't know anyone or are also looking for insights, useOnline forums like our Consulting Q&A. There you will find candidates and experts with Oliver Wyman experience who are sure to help you!

Tip 5: Practice the Numerical Reasoning Test under real exam conditions

When you take a practice test, put yourself in a realistic exam situation:Stop the time at 20 minutes and answer as many questions as possible. Try not to spend more than a minute on a question and only look at the solution steps and results when you are through with the test. Then you can work out the total number of points you achieved and find out what kind of questions are causing you problems. Concentrate on these by solving additional exercises with this topic focus. However, if there are areas where you are weaker, don't stress yourself too much. Over time, you will become familiar with the different question and answer types and which questions to skip or answer immediately.

Tip 6: Avoid any disruptive factors

For the test, choose a place where you and you feel comfortablenot bothered by others will! The library may be good for focusing, but you run the risk of being distracted there. So home is probably your best bet. If you live in a shared apartment, please ask your roommates not to disturb you. You have to focus fully on the test for 20 minutes. Turn off your smartphone and all desktop and social media notifications. Now it says:Full concentration!

Before you start the test, however, check that your internet connection is working properly. Atslow loading times you are losing valuable time and it would be annoying if you fail for such a reason!

Tip 7: skip difficult questions

It is almost impossible to complete the test in the short time available. So don't try to solve every single task! Work your way through the test andskip questionsthat you don't immediately have an idea how to solve. If you still have time at the end, you can try to crack these tasks.

While with other tests it makes sense to guess the remaining answers at the end, the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test will help youone point is deducted for each wrong answer. So if you have no idea at all, you'd better not take the risk and leave the question unanswered. We only recommend you to guess if you can rule out at least one answer with certainty.

Tip 8: don't forget the big picture

The Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test is considered to be one of the toughest selection tests ever. Still, he only takes onesmall part of the application process in claim. We advise you to prepare adequately for the test, but to perform well in thePersonal fit and case interview part should always be the main focus of your preparation. Of course, you also have to overcome the first hurdles, but it is the later rounds of interviews that ultimately help you to get the offer. Therefore, divide your preparation time well and do not invest too much time in learning for online tests.

Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests on PrepLounge.com

Along withexperienced Oliver Wyman consultant We have designed a Numerical Reasoning Test for you, which you can download as a PDF and use for your preparation. By going through the sample test, you will get a feel for the different types of questions that Oliver Wyman likes to use. We made sure that the test passed theoptimal level of difficulty to help you with the actual test. This saves you valuable preparation time and optimizes your test results. Follow our 8 tips and start your preparation for the Oliver Wyman Numerical Reasoning Test today!

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