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New to Netflix: These 16 films and series will save your weekend

The thriller series Ozark is season 3 on Netflix. This week also has other exciting new starts to offer. We show you an overview of all films and series.

It is mainly originals with which Netflix refreshed its offer this week. The top 10 of the streaming service with the supposedly most watched content consists largely of in-house productions. Last week we shivered on Der Schacht, this week we're chewing on Your home is my nails - both films are from Spain.

It looks similar with the series. The start of the now third season of Ozark, a veteran at Netflix, is between new originals like Freud and Unorthodox almost a little under.

Ozark with Jason Bateman: This Happens in Season 3

At the End of season 2 the uncomfortable positioning between greedy cartel agents, the new Deputy Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) and the unpredictable Snell family led Marty (Jason Bateman) and his family to want to leave for Australia. Nothing came of this and as the teaser confirms, it is moving forward Casino from now on completely in focus.

Your home is mine and more: All new films on Netflix

The trailer for Season 3 Ozark

Ozark - S03 Trailer (German subtitles) HD

Ozark and More: All New Series on Netflix

Disney + podcast: is the streaming service worth it?

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What do you stream on Netflix this weekend?