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Allergic reactions to poinsettias: that's how dangerous red plants are

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From: Christine Pander

Red poinsettias in bloom are a popular decoration, especially in Advent. For allergy sufferers, however, contact can be dangerous (symbol picture). © imago images / Panthermedia

Blooming poinsettias are popular decorative items in Advent. But be careful: Sensitive people should rather do without the plants.

Freiburg im Breisgau - cookies, fruit punch and one atmospherically decorated apartment: Advent can be so beautiful! So that it stays contemplative, should Allergy sufferers observe an important note. Because the popular one at Christmas time Christmas star can cause discomfort in the eye and nose area. Mainly affected are people who have Latex allergy Suffer. The reason for this are the Substances similar to latex allergens in the ornamental plant, which can cause rashes, redness, allergic rhinitis, itching and conjunctivitis.

Allergic reaction to poinsettias: Pretty poisonous

In the magnificently blooming ones Poinsettias contains the so-called milkweed - one Liquid, which is typical of the rubber plant family. The proteins of the Poinsettia have a similar chemical structure to latex proteins and can be used in sensitized people allergic reaction cause. If the milky juice of the Poinsettia on the skin can do the following Symptoms occur:

  • Redness of the skin
  • Allergic runny nose
  • Itching, conjunctivitis
  • General reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, sleepiness, drowsiness

React childrenallergic on the Christmas star, parents should contact the Poison Control or contact a doctor. If children put parts of the plant in their mouth, they should be removed if possible. Uwe Stedtler, deputy head of Poison Information Center Freiburg, has the following first aid tips: “If parts of the plant have been swallowed, those affected should Water or tea drink". The Cultivated forms are not very attractive, it can still be Throat irritation or redness come. Under no circumstances should any attempt be made to get those affected Vomit bring to. "It is enough if you eat normally and drink enough," says the doctor. A doctor should be consulted when it comes to Swelling or strong allergic reactions come Occur within six hours no reactions to, the danger is averted. “It can only be dangerous for people with type 1 allergies, that is, for those patients who already have one Allergy to latex is known. You can access the very quickly Contact with milkweed react."

Allergic reaction to poinsettias: pollen can also cause symptoms

The Christmas star is a popular ornamental plant and is native to Mexico*. Legend has it that the German emigrants Paul Corner the Mexican wild plant bred in California. First she should be his son on Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard in los Angeles have sold. The opulent Hollywood plant has its from there Triumphant advance lined up around the world. The heyday of the Poinsettia is from November to March. In time for the contemplative season, it is in full bloom.

Besides the milkweed are for Allergy sufferers also the Pollen of the plant dangerous when you inhaled become. The problem: To one allergic reaction The leaves of the plant do not necessarily have to be touched to trigger. It is sufficient for those affected to stay in the same room, as the plant allergens also spread through the House dust can spread.

Allergic reactions to poinsettias: first aid with a poison control center

Generally speaking, it is important when you occur allergic symptoms, that go beyond slight redness, Advice to the doctor or Poison Control to catch up. The employees of the Poison control are available nationwide around the clock. The telephone number depends on where you live and can be found on the homepage of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) be determined. Especially when children should be affected, as a precaution alwaysa doctor or the poison control center to be contacted. The employees can give tips on how to proceed.

How to reach the Poison control in your region:

  • Poison Control Berlin:030 192 40
  • Information center against poisoning Bonn: 0228 192 40
  • Poison Control Erfurt: 0361 730 730
  • Poisoning Information Center Freiburg: 0761 192 40
  • Poison Information Center North, Göttingen: 0551 192 40
  • Information and advice center Homburg / Saar:06841 192 40
  • Poison Information Center Rhineland Palatinate / Hesse: 06131 192 40
  • Poison Control Munich: 089 192 40

Latex allergy sufferers should by the way Houseplants how Christ thorn, Avoid weeping fig, rubber tree, periwinkle and oleander. A harmless but neat alternative could be the Green lily be.

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