What dietary supplements help build muscle quickly

Muscle building with supplements: Dietary supplements for muscle growth -

When used correctly, supplements are essential for building muscle and keeping you fit. The micro and macronutrients have one task: to supply the body at the right time. Diet supplements are not useless. The mechanisms of action of L-carnitine are scientifically explained here. The effect of Garcinia Cambogia has also been proven in a study here. This guide clears myths from the world and goes into the most important dietary supplements.

In this article

  • Why nutrition is not always enough
  • What basic supplements are advisable
  • Supplements are also available for vegan diets - we will show you what is important
  • What risks can arise when taking it
  • What is important besides the correct supplementation

What are supplements?

The word supplements stands for dietary supplements. Supplements complement the diet tailored to the training at all levels. Opinions on the aids differ widely: one side counts the products for non-natural bodybuilding, while the other side explicitly links natural training with supps. Basically, dietary supplements are not illegal helpers that encourage your body to grow beyond its genetic limit. They are legal and are found in many foods.

Supplements are divided into several categories:

  • Muscle building
  • regeneration
  • concentration
  • Fat loss

Why is a special diet sometimes not enough?

A balanced diet is difficult to implement in the initial, medium and professional training state. Dietary supplements only take effect when the diet is insufficient. The word reveals the meaning and purpose: The food is supplemented in the area of ​​micro- and macronutrients and not replaced. Missing carbohydrates or proteins are supplemented at the end of the day with dietary supplements such as casein or whey protein.

The supplements listed are suitable for every athlete and help beginners to get used to the individual nutritional planning. Advanced and professional athletes benefit from the rapid absorption in the body.

The general rule: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet that is adapted to training. They only intervene in a supportive manner.

The most important supplements for building muscle

What else has to be done for the supplements to work?

The right training: Dietary supplements are not a panacea for rapid muscle building or fat loss. They are more likely to be committed to the respective goal. When building muscle, supps such as creatine or whey protein are indispensable.

Creatine is not absolutely necessary for fat loss, as the body works more in the area of ​​endurance and less in maximum strength. Instead of whey protein, use casein in your diet to avoid muscle breakdown.

Make sure you have enough rest after your workouts. Depending on the intensity, 48 hours of rest are to be controlled. Then set new stimuli.

The right diet: The training goal determines your diet and diet determines the correct intake of the supplements. Make sure you get the majority of the micro- and macronutrients through your diet. Then the supplements are used. Precise nutrition is hardly possible, which is why the intake of dietary supplements can easily take place over a longer period of time.

The absorption of essential amino acids such as vitamin D or omega 3 fatty acids is difficult without supplements. The body cannot produce omega 3 fatty acids. On dark winter days, the amount of UVB sun rays is insufficient for an optimal supply of vitamin D. Here food supplements are sometimes absolutely necessary.


Are there any suitable supplements for vegans?

Vegan bodybuilding is not uncommon in the professional field. Athletes like Robert Cheeke, Frank Medrano or Leon Gabbidon show how it is done. All supplements are suitable for vegans. Look out for herbal products.
Proteins are made from hemp or peas. Athletes with a vegan diet often struggle with a lack of iron, calcium, iodine, omega 3, zinc and B vitamins. Dietary supplements are essential in some cases.

Are there any supplements for building muscle and losing fat?

Protein powder aids in muscle growth and protects the muscle from being broken down during the diet.

Omega 3 fats increase fat burning in a low-calorie diet. The fats support beta oxidation. Beta oxidation burns the fatty acids to meet the energy requirement. The body draws more of its own fat for energy supply.

BCAAs support protein synthesis and have an anti-catabolic effect. As a result, your body burns the orally supplied amino acids and reduces protein breakdown. This promotes muscle building and reduces muscle breakdown.

Caffeine and green tea increase your metabolism and give energy.

Are supplements all allowed or are there also banned supplements?

The supplements sold in Germany are harmless. The "Cologne List" examines several supplements every year. There were boosters with greatly increased DMAA levels, which achieved a clear focus through high blood pressure and muscle growth.

The products have been banned because of the negative consequences such as depression, nausea, vomiting, cardiovascular problems and the consequences of high blood pressure. The Cologne List checks products again at random and unannounced time intervals.

How do you know exactly what amount of supplements you need? Can you eat too much?

A severe overdose does not immediately lead to massive problems. The body excretes the excess through sweat or urine. Food trackers are recommended for the initial phase. Many free apps track the micro- and macronutrients. The lack of need is covered by taking supplements. Find out what your daily requirement is. Adjust vitamins and trace elements (vitamin D, zinc, etc.) to your body size, muscle density and sporting activities.