Boxing and kickboxing are the same

Thai boxing and kickboxing - the difference between them

Kickboxing or Thai boxing - what should I start with?

Would you like to take part in martial arts training and have opted for two apparently very similar areas - Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and kickboxing? Then you should better understand the differences between these martial arts. Our specialists from the Martial Arts School Best Gym Bergisch Gladbach explain the difference between Thai boxing and kickboxing.

For many who are just starting to practice martial arts in Bergisch Gladbach or Cologne, the question arises as to how far kickboxing differs from Thai boxing. At first glance, the difference is almost invisible.

The first fundamental and important difference is the origin and story.

Kickboxing has appeared relatively new - in the 1960s in North America, while the history of Thai boxing goes back several thousand years and originated in Thailand. Thai boxing, or muay thai, arose naturally and is considered to be one of the most rigid and effective contact sports as there are practically no restrictions. Every year a martial art like Thai boxing (Muay Thai) becomes more and more popular in the civilized world. As for Thailand, for a long time this type of fight was not just boxing, but a real art and discipline with its own rules and requirements.

Each of these sports has their own specific styles.

Both martial arts use an arms and legs work style in appearance. However, the main differences are precisely that. In kickboxing, long and short distances are mainly used for hitting. In Muay Thai (Thai boxing), such actions can be supplemented by closer contact - a clinch.

In addition, the differences between Thai boxing and kickboxing are also noticeable in terms of fighting technique. When it comes to kickboxing, it's just your hands and feet. Then in Thai boxing these include: elbows, knees, forearms, lower legs. The similarities in styles are in common combinations. They are based on combined approaches in 2-5 hits.

Kickboxing combines different types of martial arts: karate, wushu, taekwondo, Thai and English boxing. Translating from English to German, “kickboxing” means “duel with arms and legs”, which corresponds to this type of fight both in the middle and in the distance. The process involves hands and feet that can be beaten anywhere without restraining forces. The fight can take place in the classic version - barefoot or French - in special shoes and other equipment for kickboxing.

What is the difference between Thai boxing and kickboxing? The differences include the length of the round as well as special ceremonies held during competitions in Muay Thai.

Kickboxing and Thai boxing work well, make you fit and self-confident.

Thai boxing and kickboxing as well as many martial arts usually follow similar approaches. However, greater physical form and technique can only be achieved by practicing Thai boxing.

All trainings in this type of martial art are quite active. Clinch also allows you to develop additional skills by leading the hand-to-hand combat to your opponent. In addition, Muay Thai learns to use not only hands and feet, but also arms and legs.

What does kickboxing or Thai boxing (Muay Thai) training bring to a person?

Thanks to training, you can keep your body in good shape, positively influence the state of the central nervous system, and also improve flexibility and strength. In addition, this practice does not only have a positive effect on the body. Regular training in kick thai boxing also helps develop common moral rules that will always be useful in life.

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