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«Oat Milk»: Foams and tastes good

Whether for health or ethical reasons: More and more people are giving up cow's milk. Oat milk has now become a real trendy drink, which is also popular for cappuccino and lattes due to its foamability and neutral taste. In the USA, the hype about oat drink (Oat milk) even for delivery bottlenecks last year.

No wonder: oat milk is a good and healthy alternative for vegans. And those who cannot tolerate milk have no problems with their lactose intolerance with oat drinks and other beverages based on grain. The drink is only unsuitable for celiac patients and people who have to or want to avoid gluten.

The plant drink also scores points when it comes to environmental issues. It has a better ecological balance than cow's milk or other plant-based drinks such as soy or almond milk, the cultivation of which requires much more water and often means longer transport routes.

So have we found the ideal plant-based milk? It's not that simple: If you stop using cow's milk immediately, you have to supplement your menu. From a nutritional point of view, cow's milk has two particularly valuable ingredients: Protein and calcium. The proteins from cow's milk are important for building muscle mass. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth and supports the nervous system.

Oat milk cannot compete here. One deciliter contains less than one gram (cow's milk is about 3.4 grams). And the calcium content is also hardly worth mentioning. For a sufficient calcium supply, calcium-rich foods such as fresh green vegetables, fruits and herbs (for example berries, broccoli, cabbage, spinach as well as cress and parsley) should also be on the menu.

Those who pay attention to a figure-conscious diet will also not be happy about the carbohydrates that are in oat milk. The fiber will fill you up, but one cup of unsweetened oat milk alone contains about 30 grams of carbohydrateswhich is about two slices of bread.

Most baristas also use sweetened oat milk, which makes the coffee particularly fine, but just extra sugar and thus adding calories. Like most other plant-based milk substitute products, oat milk consists mainly of water, about 4 to 5 percent substitute product (i.e. oats, or in other cases soy or almonds), the rest are oils (sunflower oil) and possibly added vitamins or chemical starches to achieve milky consistency. Cow's milk is a lot more natural.

So if you decide to use oat milk in the future, you shouldn't do it because you think it's much healthier than cow's milk, but simply because you feel like it or want to do something good for the environment.

Are you not in the mood for artificial ingredients? In the picture series we tell you how you can make oat milk yourself.

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