What is a speakeasy bar

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The term comes up like so much Speakeasy from the American - more precisely from the time of Prohibition. From 1920 to 1933, alcohol was banned nationwide by law in the United States; as a result, numerous secret pubs sprang up across the country. The name “Speakeasy” is often used in German Whisper bar, Whispering room or the painterly term Moonlight pub Translated and stems from the fact that people should speak as quietly as possible in the hidden bars so as not to attract attention.

“Mondscheinkneipe” in particular is certainly also a kind of optimistic translation error; Moonshine is namely also the English term for black fires. As they were often used in the time of Prohibition (not a few speakeasies were run by members of organized crime), the whisper bars also had a significant influence on the cocktail recipes of their time; these were less “classic” and more designed to mask the taste of the often inferior alcohol.

Nowadays the term speakeasy is celebrating a comeback and one hears more and more of exclusive clubs that draw attention to themselves through word of mouth and, for example, can only be entered by saying a certain password.

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