Sean Hannity is in trouble now

Donald Trump: What does the ex-US president actually do all day?

Without office and without Twitter, it has become quiet about the man who held the world in constant breath until 100 days ago. But Donald Trump is still to be expected in Mar-a-Lago: he has only just shown that.

A few days before Donald Trump had to watch his successor Joe Biden deliver the first presidential address to Congress, he decided to turn to his very own nation: In a darkened room of his golf club property in Mar-a-Lago in the state Florida, the 45th President sits across from Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Heavy, dark furniture, a few white orchids in the background and a former president with a glass of water on the table next to him. No diet coke. Because Coca-Cola has to be boycotted, Trump recently asked his supporters to do so.

It is no coincidence that Hannity of all people is conducting this first exclusive interview since Trump moved out of the White House. The Fox News presenter is not only considered to be ultra-conservative and homophobic, but above all as an irrefutable Trump fan.

But as much as Hannity confirms the ex-president's positive view of himself during his exclusive ten minutes, when asked whether Donald Trump wants to run as a presidential candidate again in 2024, he doesn't get a clear answer either.

Instead, Trump indicates how "traumatic" the past few years have been for him. "I've had a great life, a great company, a great business, no problems," he says. But since he ran for his first presidency - during his tenure and even now, people have been stalking him all the time. "This is vicious. This is terrible."

One can almost get the impression that the 45th does not want to become a 47th president. "But you know what?" Trump then changes his tone. "I love doing all of this because I help people with it." With jobs, taxes and against migration. Exit open.

The counter-president from Mar-a-Lago

Trump remains Trump - that much is certain after his first 100 days of "Out of Oval Office".

Even if he leaves his compatriots and the whole world in the dark about exactly how to expect him: that he will continue to stir up the Republican Party and its supporters and lead them ideologically, there is little doubt among observers. Of course, he will also "help" with the so-called midterms, i.e. the midterm elections for the US Congress next year. Although he wants to fly to those states where promising Republicans ("very good people") are loyal to him. Of course, he will also make one or two calls, Trump says.

The ex-president obviously knows what to do. While other presidents began to paint after the end of their term in office (George W. Bush) or became peanut farmers (Jimmy Carter), Trump remains political and, above all, power-conscious. Historical comparisons quickly lag, but just as Donald Trump has set up in his golf stronghold Mar-a-Lago in recent months, the 45th President (who never officially recognized the victory of the 46th President) looks like it once did Antipopes of Avignon, who up until the 15th century simply ruled over their own church alongside the popes in Rome.

Now Florida is not Avignon and the US President is not a Pope. But when it comes to politics, there is often a question of faith. And what once divided the spiritual world of faith in Europe for several decades as the "Occidental Schism", today also harbors worldly and ideologically in the USA at least the danger of major power and social conflicts to come.

Counter-President's stronghold: Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. (Source: Getty Images)

Trump apparently wants to leave Mar-a-Lago during the hot summer months and instead reside in his other luxury golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. His most important center of power, his post- and possibly pre-presidential office, however, remains Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida.

While Trump resides there, he has "Statements" published on his specially created website at regular intervals on his still propagated mission: "Donald J. Trump will never give up the fight to make America great again". The last time he attacked there in mid-April was Joe Biden and his migration policy, which allegedly promotes terrorism.

Trump has the Republicans firmly under control

A first shared photo from his new office in Mar-a-Lago tweeted Trump's former chief advisor, Stephen Miller, who is considered to be right-wing extremist, on April 4. A few days later, he founded the conservative organization "America First Legal", which aims no less than to get the Biden administration into trouble, for example by bringing Republican attorneys general into position against alleged government misconduct or bringing their own lawsuits.

It quickly became apparent to observers that the photo in the background not only shows a Trump statue and other revealing artifacts, but also an apparently urgent, but poorly hidden Diet Coke bottle.

Malice broke out on social networks because Trump had just called for a complete boycott of the beverage manufacturer. "Boycott the Baseball Major League (MLB), Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, and Merck," Trump urged supporters in a press release because those companies are the new ones from Republicans had criticized the electoral laws in Georgia because they would discriminate against minorities. Trump is not one who likes to do without, apparently not even when it comes to his own cause.

Trump seems busy but has more to say. At an event with Republican donors in Mar-a-Lago in April, he finally insulted the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, as a "complete failure" and a "stupid son of a bitch". He was "disappointed" by his former Vice President Mike Pence. In this speech, Trump also made it clear to those present that he believed that only with his political style would success in the upcoming elections be possible. Trump remains Trump, not only when it comes to his political enemies.

Close to the people, but never apolitical

He also holds court in other ways, as we know it from him, only now primarily in his resort. There he continues to be close to the people. It is still not possible for him to pose on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram himself.

But numerous videos and photos uploaded by guests, employees or activists in the club prove Trump's appearances at evening dinners and his waving and winking at the smartphone cameras when he is on the way to the golf course. He seems to enjoy the "Mr. President" and "God bless you" calls from his fans. A selection:

Trump signs red "MAGA" caps.

Trump hands out $ 50 bills.

Trump dines in the midst of his guests

Even on actually private occasions, Trump makes political speeches. The online tabloid "TMZ" published how Trump suddenly appeared at a wedding reception in his club and made a toast, less to the bride and groom than to himself. He proudly praised his dealings with great powers like Russia and China, his tax policy and its wall against migratory flows.

The last attack by the ex-president came right on time for the Academy Awards. The organizers should please change the name back to "The Academy Awards", demanded Trump and went on to write: "Don't be so politically correct and boring, and do it right!"

As early as 2020, he was bullying against the award ceremony. With "And the winner is a film from South Korea. What the hell was going on?" he was outraged at the time against the selection of the film "Parasite".

So everything as always? It seems so. If Facebook now wants to make a new decision on Trump's imposed suspension "soon", as announced, the already supposed silence could again turn into louder roar.

Golfing every day and new tie colors

The fact that Trump now regularly golfs for several hours a day is no real difference to his time as incumbent president. What has visibly changed, however, is the color of his ties. While he almost always wore the iconic alarm red tie with his blue suit and white shirt, Trump can now often be seen in Mar-a-Lago wearing bright yellow or peach-colored ties.

The little clothing accessory almost looks like a Trump warning light. It is currently no longer on red, but only on yellow or orange. But it will probably never jump on green. With Donald Trump, at least caution is always required for the party, for the country and for the world.

He will continue to be expected, whether in New York City, New Jersey, Florida or someday again in Washington, D.C.

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