What are the goals of the British Red Cross


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the largest humanitarian network in the world and, with the help of 13 million volunteers, reaches a total of 150 million people in 189 national societies.

The long-standing relationship between Land Rover and the Red Cross began in 1954 when we equipped the British Red Cross with a Series 1 Land Rover, which was to be used as a mobile pharmacy in Dubai.

This relationship was deepened with the Land Rover G4 Challenge 2007. The global support services since then include the loan and donation of 120 vehicles as well as the provision of direct help for more than 800,000 people. More than a million people worldwide have indirectly benefited from Land Rover's financial support to the IFRC, which totaled more than £ 6.4 million.

One of the most influential projects of this partnership was the "Journey of Discovery" expedition in 2012. Land Rover ensured that the IFRC project for a sustainable water and sanitation system in Uganda was the focus of a large-scale fundraising campaign that was carried out as part of a Expedition of more than 15,000 kilometers to Beijing, China, took place. The trip was completed by the 1 millionth Land Rover Discovery, which was built in Solihull, GB, the home of Land Rover. The 50-day trip raised the targeted £ 1 million that was used to support the project and to raise awareness of the performance of the IFRC teams in Africa.

In 2013, Land Rover extended its global partnership with the IFRC for another five years, with the aim of contributing a total of £ 15 million in aid by 2018. This work will contribute to Jaguar Land Rover's overall goal to create opportunities for 12 million people by 2020 as part of our global corporate social responsibility program.

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