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Swedish-German dictionary

German: A key language in Sweden

German is a popular language in Sweden and is learned by many Swedes. Germany and other German-speaking countries are Sweden's privileged trading partners. With a good understanding of the German language, a Swede has a much better chance of climbing the career ladder. One should ignore the harsh-sounding aspects of German. The more you hear German, the more you appreciate the sophistication of the German intonation. German grammar may seem more difficult than expected, but with the help of a good Swedish-German dictionary and a little diligence in learning, you will become a professional in no time.

A Langenscheidt Swedish-German dictionary is a lifelong companion

With this Swedish-German dictionary, based on the Swedish pocket dictionary, Langenscheidt provides around 220,000 keywords, phrases and translations. It is a modern and practical reference work. It covers a lot more than the general Swedish vocabulary that you need for everyday life. The general vocabulary has been supplemented with words from the academic field and the fields of environment, culture, accounting and sports. With the help of a range of explanatory information, such as abbreviations for technical terms, style levels or grammatical information, users are always presented with the right solution for their needs.

No matter where you are, the Swedish-German dictionary is there for you

Whether on the desktop, mobile phone, tablet or phablet: the free online dictionary allows you to translate words in both languages. This is not only an optimal solution for users such as translators, interpreters or linguists, but also for students and schoolchildren. The dictionary has been revised and checked by linguists from Langenscheidt, which guarantees a very high level of reliability of the content. Now nothing stands in the way of learning a new language or expanding your previous Swedish vocabulary - wherever and whenever you want.

About Langenscheidt:

As a leading publisher of dictionaries and market leader in the field of language acquisition, Langenscheidt has a wide range of first-class language products and provides cross-media and mobile access to a world of over 35 languages. In the areas of “language acquisition” and “looking up”, the focus is on innovative products such as clever learning programs for independent learners, which can be adapted to individual requirements, as well as dictionaries as online and offline versions.

Search the Swedish-German dictionary for letters

If you are unsure how to write a word, you can search the Swedish-German dictionary for letters - just like you would search for the word in a printed dictionary. You can click on the letters to see all entries for this in the Swedish-German dictionary. If you find the word you are looking for, you can click on the German words found to display the synonyms in the online dictionary.