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Almost everyone has had to make use of technical support. It's not just about customer service itself, but also about problem solving. Technical support mainly deals with the technology of a specific device or software.

Technical support can be found in various specialist areas. It may be that he is responsible for complaints and warranties or for immediate technical help on the phone.

What does the job as a technical supporter look like?

Knowing the software or hardware in your own company provides the basic basis for technical assistancee to be able to afford. Most of the time, the technical support is used by telephone, so that working in the call center plays an essential role. When a customer calls, the problem must be identified and solutions found. With the help of technical means, technical support can access the customer's data and identify the problem analytically. Together with the customer it will Problem still on the phone solved. If the customer cannot be helped, the matter is passed on to the relevant specialist department.

This is how you become a technical supporter

A A degree or training in IT is a basic requirementin order to be able to take care of the technical needs of the customers. Because not every problem is easy, and not every malfunction can be remedied quickly. Furthermore, you should Capture problems quickly and find solutions.

Communication skills play a special role in this job description. Be like that Kindness and patience often very highly regarded by customers. Dealing with the latest technology is another must in order to be able to work as a technical supporter. Anyone who can also demonstrate speed and flexibility is on the right track.

Technical support staff salaries

There are salary differences everywhere in the IT industry. So it makes sense to negotiate your salary and get a guideline in advance based on average earnings in Germany.

According to Salary-Tipps.de, the average salary in technical support is 2,400 euros per month, which of course can vary depending on the region, company and professional experience.

Technical support jobs

Telephone support is becoming increasingly popular. Because customers would rather pick up the phone than have to set off with their problem. Large corporations offer their customers 24-hour technical support in many places. Below you will find numerous technical support jobs in our large job exchange:

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