Are whole grains bad for you

Are Whole Grains Really Healthier?

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Bread, rolls, pasta, cereal, biscuits or chips: almost every cereal product is also available in a wholemeal variant - even chicken and fish are breaded with wholemeal. "Mehrkorn", "Volles Korn", "Vollkorn" or "K├Ârner" are the trade names. But how do you recognize real whole grains?

Strict legal requirements

The term "whole grain" is protected by law: If "whole grain" is on the packaging, 90 percent of the grain must have been ground from the surface layer, the seedling and the endosperm.

The outer layers of the grains are full of fiber

A particularly healthy component of the grain is the seedling. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. But it also makes whole wheat flour rancid faster. The outer layers of the grains are just as valuable: they contain fiber, which makes us digest our food more slowly. As a result, blood lipids only rise slowly and the colon is strengthened. In addition, the fiber ensures a longer feeling of satiety.

Be careful with cookies and breakfast cereals

But be careful: whole grain products have no fewer calories than products made from refined flour. Biscuits and breakfast cereals made from whole grain are only supposedly healthier, because the information on the whole grain content only relates to the cereal contained. For example, there can be much more sugar in the biscuits than in a comparable non-whole grain product - and cheap palm oil, which is suspected of promoting the development of diseases. Many breakfast cereals also contain so much sugar that the healthy whole grain content is virtually eliminated.

Bread, pasta and rice are recommended

Those who mainly want to eat whole grains should focus on bread, pasta and rice.

Those who mainly want to eat whole grains should concentrate on bread, pasta and rice - and study the ingredient lists carefully. The pressure test helps when buying bread: If the inside of the bread sticks together and then springs back, it contains a lot of whole wheat flour.

By the way: healthy wholemeal bread doesn't have to be dark. However, beet or caramel syrup or barley malt extract is often used to make the bread brown and appear healthy to the customer.

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