What's the best vacation album

Create a great photo album

We like to keep beautiful memories on paper so that we can look at them again and again with family and friends. Whether for a wedding, the story of your own family or friendship, your last vacation or a very special celebration - there are many occasions to create a photo book. We would therefore like to give you a few important tips and show you how you can design a wonderful photo album.

Photo album quality

If you want to design a particularly high-quality photo album, you should pay attention to real photo paper. This is where your own snapshots come out big and make memories come alive. Whether glossy or matt - with the right photo paper you can create a great photo book for yourself or your loved ones. In addition to the selection of the photo paper, the choice of printing or exposure process also counts when designing a high-quality photo album. The exposure of photo paper brings more saturated colors than with digital printing. But modern digital printing also shows first-class results.

In order for the first impression of the photo book to be correct, the choice of cover and binding is no less important than the content itself. Stable covers and high-quality binding prevent the photo album from quickly becoming ugly and guarantee a lot of fun even with the hundredth leafing through the book. Especially if you want to put the photo album on the shelf, the cover should also be attractively designed. White corners and chipped edges quickly look unattractive and can be avoided through high quality.

Quality checklist:

  • high quality photo paper
  • Exposure or digital printing
  • stylish envelopes
  • high quality binding

Make a photo album easy

With the right software, a photo album can be created quickly and easily. Our creation software helps you to design the photo album easily and provides easy-to-use tools to correct small errors in the photos. In addition, the software wizard warns you of problematic layout placements or possible loss of quality of the photos, because especially images that are to be printed larger must have a sufficient number of pixels to be able to be printed properly. If the image size is not sufficient, you will therefore receive a corresponding warning.

To give the photo book a uniform frame, passe-partouts or colored backgrounds can create a red line and thus ensure a successful photo book. Matching captions or small texts ensure the perfect rounding of the images and give the memory important assistance. With the creation software, the correct arrangement of photos and text is a breeze. In addition to our software for creating a photo album, you can of course also use professional photo editing programs such as Photoshop or GIMP to conjure up great effects on your pictures or to create elaborate collages. But even the best programs cannot do the creative part for you when designing your photo album. We therefore give you a few tips for the correct arrangement and design of the images.

Every detail counts - design a photo album with love

A good photo book can be recognized by the attention to detail with which it was designed. In addition to the careful selection of the images, the arrangement of them is also important. You should pay attention to variety and combine large-format pictures with smaller ones. Landscape or group photos can follow portraits or close-ups. You should crop photos to highlight important details. However, before you even begin arranging the pictures yourself, it's a good idea to choose the right format for your photo album. In addition to portrait and landscape formats, a square format is also available. Square photo books are particularly flexible and form a neutral frame for all photo formats.

A good photo album is not just a series of beautiful photos. Rather, it should tell a story. In order to keep the red thread in the album, the images can therefore be arranged chronologically or tell an imaginative story. Captions or small texts complement the pictures wonderfully and help with orientation. In the case of holiday albums, maps also help with the memory and easily shows where the most beautiful trips were exactly. Little stories or poems also provide a lot of variety and make the photo album a real gem and a perfect gift for friends or relatives.

Checklist design:

  • Selection of the format
  • varied images and sizes
  • Red thread in the design (passe-partouts, uniform font, etc.)
  • ... and the content (chronological order or meaningful history