Where are Magento 2 error logs

Magento 2 import error

When importing our product database, the following error occurs when pressing "Check data".

General system exception occurred

My picture file directory points to: pub / media / import / images

Has anyone experienced this problem?


I had this and after doing random 1 line imports I found there were some characters in the descriptions. I had to open the CSV in Notepad ++ and go to Encoding> Convert to UTF-8 BOM and then save it as a copy. Then went straight.

Found the problem.

don't use in description ... make sure you use

Okay, as user3572565 pointed out, this seems to be a coding related issue. If coding didn't fix your problem, try importing using data flow as it bypasses certain checks.

Non-standard characters cause failure. Quotation marks, question marks, tides, number representations like 1 quarter, i.e. 1/4, but subscript version, degree symbols,

My advice is to convert your descriptions to HTML so that these special characters are read correctly. If that fails, remove any non-standard alphanumeric characters from your descriptions.

Descriptions must start with an HTML paragraph and end with an HTML paragraph break. Use Excel to add the HTML code at the beginning and end of your description lines, example in column a4 type ...

= CONCATENATE (a1, a2, a3)

In column a1 you put an HTML paragraph break * and an HTML paragraph closer * in column a3

* This comment field is HTML-driven, so I cannot give an example of a paragraph break

Enter your description data in a2

Double click the result in A4 in the lower left corner of column A4 to copy the command to all of the rows you have in your spreadsheet.

Then copy and paste the column into a5. Click the Paster function that appears at the bottom of the insert and select Values. then you can copy these back to your CSV file, descriptions.

or use emagicone magento storemanager, the only other solution used to get it working properly is if you install you don't use this plugin and use a direct database connection and it allows more than 3000 entries.

Please note that the above software is a trial version and I don't work for it anyway. It's just a suggestion to make it easier to import.

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