A party girl will cheat on me

Husband cheated, lied and abandoned me

I've known my husband for 15 years. We have been married for 5 years and have a 2-year-old son. Everything was wonderful with us. I never had the feeling that we were in trouble. That all changed a good two months ago when I found out that my husband had been having an affair with his 17-year-old student driver for three months.

It tore the floor from under my feet. He didnâ € ™ t even apologize, he just kept telling me that his head is so full and the feelings for her are so strong and that he doesnâ € ™ t love me as much as he used to. Thereupon we agreed on a 3-week break from the relationship, whereby I have seen him several times because we share an office and of course our child needs us both. Over the time, he kept giving me hope by flirting with me. It was an eternal back and forth. One day he was totally dismissive and told me that he leaned more and more towards her and the next day he wanted to jump into bed with me. After three weeks, I gave him a choice. The choice is up to you.

I asked him to get all the things out of our apartment, which he did right away. On that day, the same game from Sauer about funny about crying, he showed all his emotions and said to me at the end: "Who knows, in a year after the divorce we will be in the car and wonder why we were so stupid because we really belong together. "

From then on it got worse and worse. When he picked up our son, he wanted to know what I was doing now and with whom and whether I had already caught a new one. At the same time, friends told me he was walking the streets with her, holding hands, enjoying wellness weekends, and so on.

Once he was in couples therapy with me, where he presented me with completely confused reasons why he no longer wanted me in his life and that his "girlfriend" has nothing to do with any of this.
I canceled a second therapy appointment after he scolded me in front of his eyes the last time our son was picked up, that I was moving from one guy to the next. Which is total nonsense, because I've only been with our son since he moved out and I'm trying to rearrange our lives. He became abusive and I broke off contact and asked him to speak to me only when it came to our son.
Then I first received hostility via WhatsApp and later a message "why would I stop the therapy now, it would be so important for us in the current situation".

For my part, I've come to the end. I hate him most of the time. For everything he has done to me that he isn’t sorry that he cheated on me, that he shows his new love in public and that he doesn’t care that he’s actually married to me and has a family . And then I have those brief moments again where jealousy rises and the sadness that the man I loved five years no longer exists and maybe never really existed. Because of those traits he has now. I don't know them from him.

I'd love to hear a few opinions from people who don't know me or him.

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