Are graduate students eligible for SSC

Degree and diploma thesis

Before you can start your thesis, it is necessary to have the subject of the thesis and its supervision approved by the study program management.

When choosing the topic, you should consider that it should be usable to work on within a period of six months.

The thesis should be supervised by a suitable thesis supervisor.

The following group of people is entitled to supervise your thesis:

  • University professors: supervision / assessment
  • Habilitated employees: supervision / assessment
  • Associated university professors: supervision / assessment
  • Members of the scientific staff with a doctorate: Authorization to supervise those master's / diploma theses resulting from the excellence funding of the European Research Council, the START and Wittgenstein Prize, or the "Junior Group Leader" funding from the Vienna Science, Research and Technology Fund (WWTF) financed.

Supervision by employees with a doctorate or by external specialist representatives is only possible in individual cases.

You can find people who are allowed to supervise your work in psychology, as stated above, in the following information sheet from the department.

A full announcement of the topic and support includes:

  • The signed form "Announcement of the topic of the diploma thesis" (signatures of the supervisor and the students)
  • An exposé of 2–4 pages. (Note: The synopsis should contain the following aspects: thesis title, work question, methodological part / structure, brief description of the content, selection bibliography)
  • The completed "Rules of Good Scientific Practice" form.

All documents must be submitted to the StudyServiceCenter. Please send this to us electronically using the contact form.