Melted ice can be refrozen

Do not refreeze ice after thawing

This marking on the inside walls of the freezers ensures that the goods are optimally stored and cooled, explains the Ice Info Service of the German brand ice cream manufacturer in Cologne. It is not cold enough above the mark.

After buying the ice cream, it should be brought to the freezer at home as soon as possible. For longer journeys, the Eis Info Service recommends transporting the ice in a cool bag or in a cool bag, as is available in almost all supermarkets. Alternatively, the ice cream can also be wrapped in newspaper. Odor-intensive foods should not be stored next to ice cream, nor should lukewarm foods that are frozen.

How long the ice cream can be stored at home depends on how many stars the freezer compartment has in the refrigerator or freezer. Compartments with one star and a temperature of minus 6 degrees Celsius or colder keep the ice fresh for a few hours, compartments with two stars and a temperature of minus 12 degrees or less for one to two days. And in compartments with three to four stars and a temperature of minus 18 degrees or colder, the ice will last up to a few months.

Ice cream only develops its full taste when it is taken out of the refrigerator compartment five to ten minutes before consumption. After portioning, the pack should be returned to the freezer immediately - otherwise the ice will melt. The Eis Info Service advises against freezing ice that has thawed again. The quality and the delicate enamel suffer as a result.

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