How can birds poop

Bird poop in the apartment? How to house your parrot!

Do you like your parrot, but can't stand the mess it makes all the time?

Would you like to take your parrot out of the cage more often, if he didn't poop on your clothes all the time?

How often do you actually have to clean the room after your parrot has been allowed out of its cage?

And how many bird t-shirts do you even own?

With the right parenting method, you can spend as much time outside of its cage with your parrot as you want without worrying about bird poop on clothing. This article will tell you what the first steps are.

Does your parrot do its "business" where it is supposed to do it?

Training a parrot to only do its business in the appropriate places takes time, patience, and regular practice. Younger parrots are generally easier to train than older ones. And larger birds are usually easier to get house-trained than smaller ones because, for anatomical reasons, they don't have to go to the bathroom as often. A budgie has to defecate about three times an hour, an adult macaw only every few hours.

Parrots have a much more active metabolism than mammals. The normal body temperature is 40-41 ° C and the heart of a gray parrot beats 350 to 500 times per minute. After a parrot has eaten, it keeps the food in its crop and releases it in bits and pieces into its esophagus. The food that small parrots ingest then only takes about 30 to 90 minutes to pass through the alimentary canal. Therefore, parrots have to drain their faeces no later than 2 to 3 hours after eating.

Fortunately, your parrot will give you a few signals that will tell you when it's time. You just have to learn to correctly interpret these signals.

When you take your parrot out of its cage, its body language can help you decide how much longer it can stay outside without the mishap.

With the power of positive reinforcement to become a house-trained parrot!

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to house-train your parrot. Take it in your hand and hold it over a place where it is allowed to drop its poop. Tell him "Do A-A" (or use any command of your choice) and wait for him to do his business. When he's done, give him praise and a very special treat. This works best in the morning hours when he's doing his big business.

It is really important that you come up with a good signal word so that he will go for a walk on command later. But make sure it's not a word that you use often in normal conversations! It would be really inconvenient if your parrot is sitting on your shoulder and you mention the signal word while you are talking to your friends ...

You should also not lose heart if a small accident happens every now and then. Nobody is perfect and "shit happens". Just try to learn from it and understand your parrot's body language better and better.

The quickest way to get your parrot house trained is to get up before it in the morning. All parrots do their biggest business in the morning, right after they wake up. So wake up your parrot, take it out of the cage and hold it over the place where you want it to go for a walk.

Remember, this simple method will work with any parrot, no matter what species it belongs to!

Give your parrot the right reward

Every time your parrot has done its business the way it should, you need to give it a nice reward. It is important that you give him something particularly beautiful so that he can remember which behavior to repeat! And don't forget to praise him for doing it. Parrots love to be praised.

If your parrot is allowed to fly around the room, you can teach it the command "fly to the cage".

Once he has learned this, you can train him to fly back into the cage with a command and do his business there.

Wouldn't that be great?

Do you think that is not possible?

You will see: it is much easier than you think. Our training methods will help you to get your parrot house trained very quickly. Just sign up here to take part in our parrot training course.

If you use our system you will very soon be able to throw away all of your stained parrot t-shirts!

Imagine how nice it would be if your parrot only “went to the bathroom” in one place instead of pooping on clothes, furniture and carpets. All of the money and time that you have to invest in cleaning every time.


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