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University of Art in Berlin

Fashion design BA

Clothing is a design language and a collective memory that includes and represents the past, present and future. In other words, it is not detached from historical and social developments. Clothing can be assigned to a certain time or is shaped by a time and its specific and social, political and creative developments.

The task of the fashion designer is to look for a groundbreaking expression for one's own time and thereby help shape it. Capturing this expression in the object is a strategic task, the complex work processes of which must be specifically planned and comprehensible in terms of ideas. Arbitrariness within this process weakens the artistic credibility and thus the ideal added value of the product.

The focus of the training to become a fashion designer at the Berlin University of the Arts is to define, develop and plausibly present the personal expression of this ideal added value. The design process forms the structural framework for working on different project topics within the project study as well as the interdisciplinary connection with specific subjects. In contrast to the teaching methods and learning goals of other universities or private institutions, no predefined design language should be adapted by the students, but the entire design process from research and brainstorming to presentation in the sense of an experimental, non-standardized, tested work on a high-quality technical, technological and scientific basis. The variety and quality of teaching and workshop offers in the course, as well as the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation are essential, since target-oriented experimental work requires both well-founded broad knowledge and subject-specific deepening. This type of teaching enables our graduates to conduct thorough research, to think and link interdisciplinary, to define quality and to find and convey their own artistic expression. Qualities that have to be learned and experienced as a fashion designer.

The course is divided into a 4-year bachelor's degree and a subsequent 1-year master's degree. Admission to the course requires successful completion of the artistic aptitude test and evidence of a relevant pre-study internship. Admission takes place once a year in the winter semester.

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