Do you take selfies in the shower

7 useful things you can do in the shower for your studies

by Tim Reichel

We do it regularly. Mostly alone. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. After exercise, before sex, while brushing your teeth: showering.

And almost always we do it headlessly - without consciousness. We undress, soap ourselves and let the water trickle down on us. Day after day. Minute by minute. Our regular shower ritual is firmly anchored in our daily routine and yet there is incredible potential in it, which only those at least use properly.

Potential? In the shower?

Yes, because: While you're in the shower, you have a short window of time just for yourself. No distractions, no thousand influences that want to draw your attention. Just you, some water, and the shampoo in your eyes.

This time out can be valuable to you. I'll show you how.


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How showering helps you study

Your student life is exhausting - I know. You have a lot of commitments, important appointments and you have to keep hearing idiots about how good you are or that studying is nothing compared to a real job.

Just to be clear: students work an average of 36 to 42 hours a week for their studies. There are also part-time jobs, household chores and social obligations. Your day is littered with small construction sites that require your attention and gnaw at your energy reserves.

Real time for you - and by that I mean times when you can switch off completely - are rare. And this is exactly where showering comes in. Because: Your shower is more than just a place in your apartment. Your shower is a little oasis of calm.

It isolates you from the hectic day-to-day business and gives you a break in which nothing rains down on you - except water. All you have to do now is make the most of this quiet phase.


Here are 7 things you can do in the shower

The time you take a shower can be viewed entirely as a break - no problem. You can also see this time window as a quality time and add one or the other ritual. The advantage here: You create meaningful habits that will help you advance in your studies and thus work out more free time - outside of your bathroom.

Sounds good? Then here are seven things you can do in the shower:


# 1 Think!

Few people have time in their everyday life to think about something for a few minutes without being disturbed. Spontaneous ideas: yes; complex trains of thought: rather no. Either there is not enough time or the food for thought is interrupted by external distractions.

It's different in the shower: nobody bothers you here. Nobody pulls you out of your thoughts and disturbs your train of thought. You have time to ponder, time to weigh up, time to think through important decisions. Use it.


# 2 Learn something by heart!

You can easily combine your shower unit with a small learning session by making use of passive learning: With passive learning, you combine simple learning units with routine physical tasks that require little or no thought. You learn in stand-by mode, so to speak, and work your way through your material step by step.

Showering is perfect for this type of learning. Go over definitions, formulas, or case studies in the shower. Repeat the content until you can reproduce it without any problems and then move on to the next lesson.


# 3 Go through your to-do list!

Many students have mixed feelings about their to-do lists. On the one hand, they think the list is good because their most important tasks are stored there - on the other hand, the abundance of open to-dos is often depressing and causes great stress.

The solution: go through your to-do list regularly. Put your list in a clear sleeve and attach it to your shower wall. Then check every single point and think about what steps to take next. In this way, abstract to-dos become concrete calls for action that you can do much more easily. And: You take the horror of your long list.


# 4 Plan your next day!

People who plan and roughly structure the coming day are much happier and more satisfied with their lives than the rest of the world. The reason: They achieve an incredible amount and achieve their goals 95 percent more quickly than those who do not have a plan for the day.

And that's exactly why you should use your time in the shower to briefly plan your next day. Either you go through the most important points for the next 24 hours in the morning or you think about what you want to do the next day in the evening. Keep it short and be precise. Afterwards you write down your planning results and can start the day focused.


# 5 Develop a positive mental image!

Mental images are important success factors for your studies - and your whole life. If you approach a challenge with an optimistic mindset, you will achieve your goal much sooner and be even happier along the way than usual.

So get into the habit of practicing your positive thinking skills while showering. Grab a situation (mentally) from your studies and imagine how things could work out for you in the best case. Color in every detail and be as optimistic as possible. Develop a strong mental image that will give you strength and support you in your upcoming tasks.


# 6 Forgive yourself a mistake!

Are you also often stuck to the past and reproach yourself for major or minor missteps from earlier? Then it is high time you let go and focus on your future. Yes, that is difficult, but: symbolically and practically, the shower is exactly the right place for it.

Starting today, make it your task to come to terms with yourself a little more every time you shower by forgiving yourself for a mistake. Think about the situation back then, but don't judge yourself for it. Accept your mistake and understand what you have learned from it. Why couldn't you react differently back then? What would you do differently today? What advice would you give to another person in your situation? Be reflective - but also indulgent with yourself. Anything else would be another mistake.


# 7 relax!

Breaks are part of studying, as are high-intensity performance units. There is no growth without a break. And without growth, you step on the spot and become unhappy.

Use your shower time regularly for a little relaxation session. Leave all the stress, your obligations and your own expectations aside for a brief moment and just take a deep breath. Take a moment just for yourself and briefly break out of your hectic world. Not to return sadly to reality afterwards, but to sharpen your senses, gain new courage and determined to continue.


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Anyone can take a shower. Using the regular shower for your own further development is, however, Champions League.

It is not about planning every free minute of your life, even converting the time in the bathroom into performance-enhancing processes and becoming a self-optimized study machine. No: It's about making better use of your time and filling it with the things that are good for you.

And showering is just one example of many. Get in the habit of thinking about your daily routines and try to adapt them better to your needs. This is how you create a student life that is not only more fun, but also leads to better results and lets you grow personally.

By the way, naturally. Like showering.


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