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  • Plan A:
    We all have to change. Those who do it of their own free will and not because they are forced to do so have a clear advantage. Wolf Lotter's plea for openness.
  • Local traffic:
    It's beautiful on the Rhine. It could be even nicer if it weren't so loud. Every day 250 freight trains thunder through the Rhine Valley. There is no other way, residents keep hearing. For his report, Matthias Hannemann visited those who did not want to put up with it.
  • Are there alternatives to the lack of alternatives?
    Stephan A. Jansen knows the answers.
  • Away from the rust:
    The Russian Vitaly Jussufow has just bought his third shipyard in East Germany. But not to build ships. Dirk Böttcher describes what worries the oligarch in his play "Weg vom Rost".
  • Knew how:
    Advantage through innovation? Was yesterday. Today companies lure their customers with offers that others have already been successful with. An overview by Thomas Ramge.
  • Let's get out of the system:
    In the fight against poverty, sometimes no help is the best help. That's what a successful American social activist says. Annette Schäfer met him for her report.
  • Do me a favor: read these 240 lines. It will blow your mind. I swear to you
    With these words, Lars Jensen has headed his report on new news sites. Are you losing money with online journalism? Not in the US - provided it hits the right note.
  • You can also do it differently:
    That can't have been it yet, thought a cultural manager, a landscape architect and a freight forwarding clerk. You were sure: "You can do it differently". Dorit Kowitz and Sibylle Sperling introduce three people who broke out of their lives ...
  • The courage of despair:
    Crab fishermen are daring an experiment on the German North Sea coast: They join forces to break a duopoly. Harald Willenbrock visited her.
  • The all-rounder:
    A young Irish woman has developed a colorful silicone compound that attaches screens to the kitchen wall, makes ski poles more manageable and makes hiking boots waterproof. And their customers are always looking for new applications. A report by Volker Marquardt.
  • Great location:
    The owners could make a lot of money with the inherited shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. But they decided differently. For what, describes Cornelia Gerlach.
  • Börplus socialism:
    Is Capitalism Irreplaceable? Economists who claim the opposite are considered dubious. Giacomo Corneo is not impressed by this. In an interview with Mischa Täubner, he advocates "stock exchange plus socialism".

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