How do I add apps to Salesforce

Get started with the Salesforce mobile app

After Alice signs into Salesforce, she sees a list of navigation items. She notices that there is a "Mobile Only" header above these items. This header lets them know that it is in the "Application" called "Mobile Only". Calling this an application sounds complicated. But it's basically just the group of navigation items. These elements are determined by your administrator.

At the bottom of her screen, Alice sees her navigation bar. She notices that the first four entries in her "Mobile Only" navigation bar are the same as the first four entries in her navigation menu.

Regardless of where she goes in Mobile Only, she can always use the navigation bar to conveniently access these important items and return to the navigation menu.

Lightning apps for mobile devices are also enabled in Alice's organization. Therefore, she switches to the mobile app launcher, which is always available via the navigation menu. The App Launcher offers all of your Lightning apps that your administrator made available for mobile devices in the same order as they do on your desktop.

She selects the Sales Lightning app and sees a navigation menu with Sales Lightning in the heading. She notices that the navigation menu has the same items in the same order on the tabs of the desktop version of the Lightning app. As in "Mobile Only", she sees that the first four entries on her navigation bar are the same as the first four entries in her navigation menu.

If she ever wants to change the order of her navigation items in a Lightning application, any changes she makes on the desktop are reflected in that application's mobile navigation menu. All you have to do is update.

She can also change the order of the navigation items while in the mobile application by tapping the edit icon. If she uses the application on the desktop, she will also see her changes there.

And if she ever wants to get back to the navigations in Mobile Only, she can get back to them through the App Launcher.