My baby vomits after every feeding

Why Babies Spit

What helps against spitting?

If a baby does not show any symptoms of the disease, parents do not simply have to endure the spit-drinking: there are tricks that can minimize the spitting attacks. Babies spit less often if they drink frequently, but rather small amounts per meal. A tip from Deissmann: "Breastfeed the child or give a bottle as needed, but if he spits a lot and apparently only likes to drink every four hours, put it on more often so that he does not drink too much at once."

Another point: "Stress hits even the smallest ones on the stomach," says Deissmann. In her deliberations, she therefore always observes mom and child: How does the baby drink? Is the mother in pain? The expert advises: "Try to ensure peace and quiet while breastfeeding, also turn off the television so that you and your baby can concentrate on drinking. And if breastfeeding hurts, get help from a midwife or lactation consultant with it You can create your child stress-free and without fear. "

Sometimes it actually happens that a spit baby simply drinks too much. Infants cannot be overfed with mother's or pre-milk. "But babies don't just suckle to get full," explains Deissmann. "They also suck to regulate themselves." Some mothers have so much milk that their baby is full after just a few minutes - but his need to suckle is still unsatisfied. "Some children then let the milk flow out of their mouth, others drink when they are thirsty," says Deissmann. Then breastfeeding mothers can try offering the empty breast side or a pacifier. Bottle parents try a pacifier.

And the peasant? "That is often overrated, it has no effect on spitting," says the lactation consultant. Some babies erupt, others don't, and the latter is absolutely fine. It is an old wives' tale that babies burst open by patting them on the back. Better: gently lift a baby who needs a burp.