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Men only want one thing: soccer, beer and sex. Best of all, an incredibly sexy woman by his side, who reads every one of his wishes from his lips and wakes him up every morning with a good blowjob. You've probably heard that before, haven't you? Well-tried clichés cling to our men's world like old chewing gum and illustrate exactly what women don't want to be: the surrogate mother for a giant baby that can't even make it, the socks 5 cm further into the laundry basket. And now let's get away from this sexist talk and prefer to concentrate on reality. Yes, my dear women, men too are more complicated than we are told. They too are loving beings who need a lot of attention and tenderness, just like us. The image of the steely man who has only limited feelings or even none at all is out of date and no longer a standard. We love men who dare to show what they feel. What is going on in your head or what your wishes are. Sure, some clichés have proven themselves to this day, but despite everything that is only the surface that is scratched a little. There is much more to this than expected. Men also have needs that have to be respected just as much as ours - after all, we don't always appreciate how spoiled we actually are. ;) But what is the best way to spoil a man without relying on all the clichés? By pushing your ego! Nothing is more important to a man than his ego. With compliments and a lot of flirtation, you can pretty quickly give your loved one an incomparable feeling. But be careful here: too much of it and it “takes off”! Just like actually every one of us, as soon as we hear again and again how great and great we are, which is why this cannot only be assigned to the male gender. Equal rights for everyone! As soon as a man feels "masculine", you spoil him. A man likes to build on his gender and proudly shows it to the outside world - either with a fancy car, a shiny wristwatch or with thick muscles. But there are also men who don't “need” that at all, because they know that masculinity is not attached to the outside and certainly not to any objects. I don't want to lump every man together, which is why I want to emphasize exactly that again: every man is different and that is exactly what is so beautiful! 🙂

But how do you spoil the man's world now onbest?

Make him hot!The saying goes: anticipation is the best joy! So heat up your loved one in the office or on the go by sending them clearly ambiguous messages or even sending them a sexy picture of you. So he already knows exactly what to expect at home and has enough material to daydream. At home you can create the right atmosphere by putting up a few candles, letting him in a warm bath or giving him a massage A delicious dinner is also a great way to start a sparkling evening, because another saying is: love goes through the stomach! With aphrodisiac foods such as chilli or strawberries, you not only ensure an incredible taste experience in advance, but also stimulate the circulation at the same time. And a good flow of blood in the right direction is a great template for a hot evening for two. ;) By the way, with a sensual glass of wine you can also relax and cook together, or ask him in advance about a special meal request. But be careful: please only drink alcohol in moderation! Not just because excessive consumption is harmful to the body. At a certain level it is a lot more difficult to get the “rocket to start”, even if the heated atmosphere says something completely different!

Sensual heating upPresent yourself in a beautiful lingerie set in front of your loved one and I promise you: he will definitely not be able to hold back! For men, pampering begins at first sight. They see something they like and immediately feel better. This has even been scientifically proven and actually quite logical, after all, we automatically transfer what we see into our feelings. So either think about what you would like to wear beforehand or suggest that HE buy you something that he likes. The latter has the special effect that he will feel “rewarded” - in other words: simply satisfied! Blindfold your loved one and go on a discovery tour. After all, a man's erogenous zones are not limited to his best piece. Some men like to be stimulated on their nipples or when you touch them on their thighs. Blindfolded, he will perceive these touches much more intensely and can also tell you directly what he likes and what doesn't.

The blowjobEven if that sounds like an old-fashioned cliché, it is absolutely true: Men love blowjobs! There is nothing hotter for a man than to see his loved one with the best piece in his mouth or when she spoils him with her hands. You don't have to be a blowjob queen, after all, we don't take a course or seminar. With a good portion of lubricant you can pamper your loved one by all means and let them enjoy them. Don't let his testicles out of the way - stroke them, kiss them, or suckle them. This is going to drive him crazy!

Radiate self-confidenceMen love it when women know exactly what they want. Ask him to lie down or take a different position and set the pace himself. Tell him what you're into or what to do with you or just take it from you. No man in this world will shrink from it when a woman runs domineeringly on his way and is dancing around on his face. Self-confident women are sexy and look very attractive because of their charisma! You don't have to play the dominatrix the next time you have sex. It is enough if you tell him very clearly what you want. Stop worrying about what face you pull on during sex or whether you are slim enough - sex is NOT about looks!

Bring variety inDo you perhaps know of a position that your loved one would like to try out? Or a sex toy that particularly appeals to him? What is his position on the subject of "prostate massage"? You do not know? Then find out! It is best to ask him about his wishes and implement it as best as possible. Men want variety in bed just as much as we women - sooner or later we all get bored. Next time show him the new sex toy you bought beforehand and let him try it out. You kill two birds with one stone: you satisfy his curiosity and he satisfies YOU. Or how about spontaneous sex on the couch or in the kitchen? Next time seduce him in a completely different place than in the bed at home, that brings tension and new feelings of elation into the relationship and who knows, maybe you will discover completely new possibilities for your love game ... 😉

Honesty and communicationStop faking orgasm. You didn't come, but would you like it to be? Then tell him. You don't like it when he is fast and purposeful during sex and ignores your needs? Then tell him! Nothing is worse than feeling dissatisfied after sex. Sex should be fun for both parties. Your loved one will definitely not leave you behind if you tell them openly that you have not come yet. On the contrary: men love to know that they have done a decent job. Dishonest compliments or a fake smile quickly appear static and fake, which we can perceive subconsciously. ‘

Pamper the man in everyday life

Put down your passive aggressive behaviorIt stinks up to your neck that he hasn't cleaned up again? Or did you have to worry about an appointment again that he missed? Again, the keyword here: Communication is the be-all and end-all in a relationship! It will not do your loved one anything if you go through everyday life with an offended expression or a dismissive attitude and they do not understand why you are doing it. This is exactly where the image of the woman comes from, who is simply bitchy and annoyed “for no reason”. Tell him what bothers you and WHY it bothers you and he will at least try to understand your problem and see you immediately with completely different eyes!Need himMen are there to open the lid of a can that is screwed too tightly or to get something from the top shelf. Men want to be needed. It pushes his ego tremendously when he knows that you would be "lost" without him. Let's ignore the fact that we could easily open the jar of the pickles with a knife ...: D Ask him for advice more often, even if his advice may be stupid at times. Ask him to assemble something for you or to carry something up and down for you because it's sooo hard. We want to be strong women ourselves who don't need a man to get through everyday life, but let's at least give our loved one these little feelings of success. He will thank you!

Listen to himYes, my dear women, men too want us to listen to them and not just shake our heads. Men don't want to feel that their cause is less important or too stupid to be addressed. We are all human beings and people are known to have feelings, right? Have you ever heard from his words that he needs more free time again to switch off? Then let him watch his favorite show and keep him company by reading a book next to him or just watching. Is he dissatisfied with his job? Then tackle the problem together and figure out what you can do to change that situation. Only together are you strong and every man wants to be pampered with a woman who is always at his side and gives him the feeling that he is more than his (sometimes) stupid ideas! 🙂