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7 games for on the go: the best ideas for traveling with kids

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Long car journeys, waiting times at the airport or dreary train compartments: traveling can quickly become a stressful affair for children. With our seven game ideas and also gift ideas for on the go, the next small or large trip goes by in a flash. And best of all: you need little or no accessories and no long preparation time.


  1. I see something you don't see: This classic can be played almost anywhere. One player begins with the words: “I see something that you don't see and that is…” He chooses an object nearby, such as the red parasol on the beach and tells the other players the color. Now you can puzzle. Whoever is correct first wins this round.

  2. Finding Words: This game is especially exciting when traveling on the highway. All players go in search of license plates that result in unusual names. Who hasn't seen a KA-RL or a K-UH? In the end, the player with the most discovered names wins.

  3. Travel games: Most of the classic games are now available in a practical travel format. So the little ones' favorite games can easily be packed in the suitcase or handbag. As a special gift idea, individually printed puzzles or other games are ideal: With the beautiful motifs from the last family vacation, it will be even more exciting. We have found various customizable photo puzzles here: https://de.personello.com/produkte/puzzle.htm

  4. Guess car license plates: This game works in flowing traffic on the motorway as well as in traffic jams. Whoever guesses a license plate correctly first, gets one point. Thanks to mum or dad's smartphone, you can quickly check who was right. For a game without any technology: Just print out a list with different license plates before the trip and take it with you - but don't cheat.

  5. Inventing fairy tales: With this creative game, little adventurers can immerse themselves in a fantasy world anywhere. Mom or Dad set the beginning of a story and the children continue to tell. There is no predetermined order in this game: Anyone who has a great idea can continue. There are no limits for the fanatasy.

  6. I pack my suitcase: what is better for traveling than packing your suitcase? In this game, the first player starts with the sentence “I'll pack my suitcase and take with me…” Then he names one thing that he definitely wants to take with him, for example sunscreen. Then it's the next player's turn and thinks about another thing that shouldn't be missing on vacation. As soon as a player reverses the order or omits an item, the game continues without him.

  7. Word string: The first player starts with a word made up of two words, such as winter vacation. The next player must now find a word that begins with vacation. Whoever is the first to run out of ideas is eliminated.


With these games, never-ending car journeys are guaranteed to be a thing of the past and are fun for all fellow travelers. Also great as a gift for the children. We have found a colorful selection of gifts here at Personello: https://de.personello.com/geschenke/geschenke-fuer-kinder.htm.

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