Should Muslims shave their armpits

Does a male (!) Muslim have to shave his armpit and pubic hair, I know that the Koran suggests this, but is it compulsory?

The Mufti (Islamic teacher, person with a lot of knowledge of the religion), with whom I spoke, says that it is a Sunnah to grow a beard, so that it is up to the Muslim whether he wants to do it, or not.

However, I read on websites that all four schools of law are of the opinion that shaving one's beard is haram. But somehow I have strong distrust of these sites, because everything seems to me to be much exaggerated, what they prohibit there everything (shooting forbidden, music forbidden, video games forbidden, almost everything forbidden, they also mean 90% Islam and 10% free time per day ?!).

What is correct now? I'm almost 18 and male and I can't (yet) grow a beard because it doesn't grow quite regularly everywhere, maybe in a year. And I don't want to run around like a plucked chicken, I already have relatively little self-confidence and a face with an incomplete beard would make me even more not to communicate with people because of a feeling of shame.

In addition, those who forbid shaving one's beard mean that one then resembles a woman and is no longer a man but a woman. Is it really imitation of women in Islam when I shave my face?

Please do not make any critical comments about religions in general, this does not belong under the question.