What is Donald Trump's favorite soda

Donald Trump's bizarre starburst habits say a lot about his personality from Extra Crispy - Extra Crispy - 2021

If you had to make a guess about Donald Trump's snacking habits, you wouldn't be far off suspecting he's getting it wrong. During the 60-minute interview with Trump, Josh Billinson, editor of the Independent Journal Review, discovered a large jar of pink and red starbursts on our commander in chief's desk.

Here's what I give him: A jar with just pink and red starbursts is probably one of the first things I ask about when I'm president pic.twitter.com/tVY240c8xZ

- Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) October 15, 2018

First off: good catch, Josh. So double up considering the rest of the world is currently confused when they see a painting of Trump with a number of Republican presidents in his office. But I digress ... what can you say about a man who pays an intern to browse candy packages and put together his favorite flavors?

As if we needed further confirmation on the subject, it shows that Donald Trump is the worst hedonist. a man who destroys the world around him to get what he wants. And when he's holding the delicious strawberry and cherry starbursts in his hands, nothing else matters. How much do you want to bet that those lonely orange and yellow starbursts will be thrown away immediately after being named "Not Good Enough for Don"? and faulty candy - in his search for denominations.

It's bigger than candy folks. This goes all the way up. How will Starbursts' parent company Mars, Inc. react to their now spoiled flavors? I invite her to bring out a limited edition pack of pink and red starbursts, the proceeds of which - oh, I don't know - will go to a charity that competes directly with Trump's aggressive mindset.