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What needs to be considered in digital marketing in 2021?

Digital marketing is a sub-area of ​​marketing and has been subject to rapid change in recent years. Influencing customer behavior via digital channels always adapts to the transformation of the Internet and changes in related technology. The main categories of digital marketing include email advertising, online advertising, referencing, and community management. The constant pressure to adapt to the changing digital world can cause stress and displeasure. A popular remedy for this stress is an online casino no deposit bonus.

If technologies such as artificial intelligence were still part of the realm of science fiction for you, you will be surprised how important the partly automated analysis of huge amounts of data and the resulting conclusions are already today in digital marketing. As more and more companies are discovering digital communication channels for themselves, the online competition is inevitably increasing and in-depth knowledge of the relevant trends and optimization options are essential. We introduce you to what will be particularly important in digital marketing in 2021.

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Artificial intelligence and chatbots

As already mentioned, the potential of this technology is without question enormous. Some simple jobs could be redundant in the near future and replaced by smart algorithms. User data from social networks and blogs are used to analyze customer behavior and trends.

Companies that know how to use artificial intelligence will quickly be able to gain an advantage over the competition. For example, it's easier to find out how the customer first heard about your product. On Facebook, you can use messaging bots to improve your customer service. According to a study, bots like these are being used more and more and could already have a market size of 1.3 billion dollars by 2024. This contrasts with the tremendous benefits of chatbots, which will likely amount to around $ 8 billion in savings in 2022.

Chatbots are intended to reduce personnel costs in customer service and at the same time ensure that the customer always has a contact who he can contact in real time. Day and night, frequently asked questions can be answered by the bot and more demanding problems are passed on to a human employee. Customers feel understood and your employees don't have to deal with repetitive and trivial inquiries.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the logs of the interactions can then be analyzed analytically and the behavior of the bot is gradually improved. Uber lets its chatbots interact with Google Maps, for example, and can answer customers' questions about the route or location in seconds.

In addition, it is much easier with artificial intelligence to target customers in a targeted manner and to persuade them to buy with the appropriate advertising based on their interests. The “watering can principle” has long since become obsolete and is considered a waste of resources.

Voice-based searches

Product searches entered through a smartphone microphone or smart speaker are likely to continue to grow. Every second search query was made in this way last year. This fact is used by more and more companies. With PayPal, for example, money can be sent by voice command.

Visual searches

Google is the pioneer of this technology and others are sure to follow suit: more and more search queries are given up by simply uploading an image. As an online marketer you can take advantage of this fact. Bing and Pinterest have also integrated similar mechanisms. About half a billion searches are abandoned on Pinterest every month by looking for a specific image.

Interactive content

In 2020 and 2021, direct interaction with the target group will often be achieved through interactive content that goes beyond mere viewing such as text or images. For a more intensive relationship with the customer, you can use the following:

  • 360-degree videos
  • Augmented Reality content
  • Polls and quizzes

As a rule, the customer not only perceives such content as refreshingly varied, but also feels more connected to the brand. Creativity is required here, whether and how such advertising material can be used for your own company.

Big data

Digital marketing and big data are keywords that go hand in hand. The predicted growth of big data applications remains high. In addition to the option of using external solutions, many companies are also building their own platform for managing customer data.

The biggest advantages of big data are an increase in the effectiveness of advertising measures and faster innovation cycles. The greater the amount of data that is available for evaluation, the more potential for improvement can be derived for the product or service. Of course, the prerequisite is good data quality.


The fact that 5G technology is finally becoming relevant in this country has various implications for digital marketing. The fifth generation of mobile technology will make marketing on mobile devices even more important, as now, for example, more consumers in rural areas come into contact with advertising on mobile devices. The EU's plan provides for nationwide access to 5G by 2025. Anyone who has previously only optimized online advertising for the PC should change this as quickly as possible.


This trend is still quite unknown, but could mean a turning point in digital marketing. In the future, advertising strategies will probably be geared more towards the functionality of the brain and the nervous system. The respective advertiser can use studies to determine which neurological reactions and which emotions follow certain images, texts and videos. In this way you can determine which content arouses interest and how a strategy can be derived from it. The American company “SPARK Neuro” is currently a leader in this field.

What opportunities and challenges arise from the trends in digital marketing?

A lot of helpful insights can be gained from current trends in digital marketing. Perhaps our text could help you a little. Advertising is being adapted more and more individually to small customer groups with the help of the huge amounts of data that can be collected. “Bulky goods” are becoming less important and, from an economic point of view, are often simply no longer sustainable. Thanks to new technologies and an ever better understanding of advertising psychology, you too can live up to this trend. In this way you can strengthen the personal bond with your customers and convey brand messages in a targeted manner.

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