Can you ask someone else to punish bullies?

Bullying in the workplace - a burden on health

i have a question, i work in a company for rail vehicles as a fitter. i have been working there since february 2017. at the beginning of may a new foreman came to the company, whom i knew from my previous employment, but there he was only group leader.
When I heard he was coming, I just thought, oh my god, me personally. I don't think much of this man, personally or professionally. But it's not my job to judge that, so I told him that I would help him so that the start would not be so difficult.
now the disaster took its course for me.
the first time this person appeared negatively in my life was around july 2017.
He came to me during his induction phase and told me he had to talk to me. I asked what was going on, he said later not now. It was on a Friday. at around 2 p.m. shortly before the party starts. , he came then. He informed me that the weekly. Meetings were talked about by the boss. According to his statement, he is supposed to have said that my willingness to work, as well as my expertise, is far from what the boss expected of me. In one sentence, I would be a total letdown. I got a lot out of the clouds and got my foreman, who is very satisfied with me, I told you to listen to that. He was also very astonished about the judgment, since nobody spoke to him. You have to know I was still in the probationary period, what that might mean, if it were right, you can imagine.
When I carried this message around with me for about 14 days, I reacted and asked another employee who was present at these meetings. He told me that no syllable was even remotely talked about it. So a total lie. I think he now knows that I figured it out.
He was still building his court state now, because he brought temporary workers into the company and they are now loyal and grateful to him.
4 weeks after the incident, I asked about a day off that I didn't get and about 2 hours later another employee asked, in mine, about overtime reduction and whether he could go, he could then go and I stood there.
he also blackened me at the works council, i was upset about our wage structure because one of his schützl. I got 100 euros more without a skilled worker letter than I did with a letter.
there he said if I wouldn't stop it would go to the executive floor. I gave in. when I was looking for a conversation with him and said that was superfluous, we could have thought about it. all of a sudden, most of them said to me, That was not a shit for me, but he would try to find the leak from where this information came from and that he has the chairman in verdacjht to divulge information when this dewn contract is checked. I can testify that this one does not makes.
then a situation escalated, with a fellow journeyman and me, who told me after a lie by a schützl. the master, in the presence of the master, almost physically attacked.
After the incident, I said, I want to know what was being said and that he should please take care of it. The senior citizen was also not approached about his behavior.
It didn't happen in my direction, instead I noticed a certain exclusion, in the company, that was very stressful for me. There were also these usual little knife wounds from the master.
I don't know, but all of a sudden, I was totally prone to illness and fell ill several times in a short period of time. I couldn't work. In April 2018, I asked for an interim reference, the master asked what for, I replied to apply.
Then he spoke to the foreman of mine and was horrified that this happened. He asked my foreman. Whether he knew that I had something new. He said no, but he knew from several conversations with me that I am not satisfied with the management in the company. Then the foreman asked, completely shocked, whether I was also with his management , would not be satisfied. then said my vorar. if the shoe fits you.
After nine weeks of working with severe pain, I had to undergo meniscal surgery. undergo and a lot for about 2 months. yesterday was my first day again and what can i say, it started again. some of my colleagues told me that there will probably be a conversation on thursday because i was sick so often that the master would have in the breakfast room in front of the assembled man. said that there were around nine pieces, he then announced. you have to know i am a cancer patient and have to go to follow-up care every 5-6 months. i told the boss that during the interview.
everyone knows humbly about this conversation with the boss, only he said nothing to me again. i get really pissed off when I'm small.
because i think that he has contributed his part and talks badly about me to the boss. this of course makes the situation very dangerous for me.
what i did, however, after every action, i informed a certain works council about what had happened. maybe that was my luck, because he is behind me and would confirm that.
what is bullying, because I don't think it's normal here.