What counts as media post

Media post folder delivery

Media post: Shipping service


Get magazines to their destination quickly and reliably.

The post brings something to everyone.

Professional preparation

Efficient processing

Reliable delivery

Reliable and comprehensive:

The postal service for magazines.

With its high-quality logistics infrastructure, Österreichische Post AG is a competent one

Partner for publishers. After all, Swiss Post transports it every year on behalf of its customers

around 670 million newspapers, sponsoring, post and regional media throughout Austria.

Distribution centers with high-tech sorting systems, a state-of-the-art transport fleet and a

Optimized delivery organization guarantees one thing: quality through speed and

Reliability. Because efficient shipping is an important success factor for every medium.

Reliability through

years of experience.

Decades of experience shipping

Print media result in an optimal one another

coordinated logistics chain to ensure the most secure

and to ensure fast delivery of printed matter.

Also get involved every day

around 25,200 Swiss Post employees, 11,300 of them alone

in delivery, for a smooth and efficient


Area coverage


Österreichische Post AG ensures that

Magazines not only in metropolitan areas but

even in the most remote regions of Austria

be transported. This gives publishers the security

that subscribers get their newspaper too.

Full service

from a single source.

The numerous postal services and their

publishers offer continuous further development

a comprehensive range of services from which exactly

that service package can be selected that

is tailored to your own needs:

Collection, delivery, subscription service, address management,

Returns management and much more.

Speed ​​through

optimal cooperation.

This quality feature can also be achieved by the

efficient cooperation between publishers and the

Austrian Post AG will be improved. Out

This is the reason why the employees of the business area work

Media post from the first shipping step

working closely with publishers and printing companies

together. Because especially in the preparation for dispatch

team spirit counts. Find in this brochure

Publishers, printers and letter shops are all important

Information on how to efficiently use magazines

be prepared for shipment.


A look behind the scenes of Post-Logistik shows that the basis is already in the print shop

is created for a fast flow of the logistics chain. Here are the newspapers

addressed, bundled, palletized and delivered to the next distribution center.









Processing stages of the

Newspaper delivery.

Acceptance or collection


Task / production

1. Distribution center

Main run

Production distribution center

in the target area




When posting in post offices, transport

of newspapers to the distribution center.

Acceptance in distribution centers;

Sorting by competent

Distribution center in the target area.

Austria-wide link

of the distribution centers by truck.

Sorting in the distribution centers

to delivery bases.

Transport of the shipments

to the delivery bases.

In the delivery base:

Pre-sorting according to delivery district.

Routing sequence sorting by the


Delivery to the reader.

After acceptance at the major customer counter, the newspapers are sorted and - via more

Distribution centers - quickly brought to the delivery base. In the end, every newspaper has to be in one of the 3.9

millions Submissionplaces end up in the correct one - that of the reader.

From the printer

to the reader.

The daily newspaper for Mr. Dobernig in 9020 Klagenfurt

will be Tuesday in a print shop in Vienna

printed. Publication day is Wednesday.

The entire edition weighs more than 700 kilograms

and will be sent immediately after preparing the shipment

from the printer to the letter distribution center

Delivered to Vienna. After acceptance on

The major customer counter follows that night

next important step: the regional division

the bundle according to distribution centers.

Then a truck of its own brings the daily newspaper

from Mr. Dobernig together with the

other broadcasts destined for the region

to the distribution center in Villach.

There the shipments are sent to the delivery bases

distributed in the target area. Mr's daily newspaper

Dobernig is assigned to the Klagenfurt delivery base

and on Wednesday, early in the morning together

transported there with the other newspapers.

The newspapers will eventually be in the delivery base

sorted by delivery district.

On Wednesday morning the responsible post office sorts

Delivery man, Mister Müller, the daily newspaper from Mister

Dobernig and other broadcasts accordingly

his individual gait order. Then starts

Mr Müller on the house letter boxes and individual drop-off points

in its delivery district and represents Mr.

Dobernig closed his newspaper on the day of publication.

Tuesday, 9.30 p.m .:

Tuesday, 10:00 p.m .:

Tuesday, 10.45 p.m .:

Wednesday, 3.40 a.m .:


Dispatch of newspapers

from the printer

Delivery at the large customer reception

in the letter distribution center Vienna

Forwarding to the destination

Distribution center Villach

Forwarding to the

Delivery base in Klagenfurt

Delivery to the reader


The first step to

correct shipping.


In principle, only those publications can be used as newspapers, sponsorship, mail or regional media

are sent, the specific content (e.g. editorial reporting)

and formal requirements (e.g. frequency of publication).

Newspaper delivery.

In order for publications to be sent to the newspaper dispatch of the

Austrian Post AG can participate

them in addition to editorial reporting

at least four pages per issue

and be addressed personally. Per

Issue - except for subsequent deliveries -

at least 1,000 pieces must be delivered.

The appearance in turn defines the

Corresponding shipping method:

Daily newspaper (at least 5 times a week).

Weekly newspaper (at least 12 times a quarter).

Monthly newspaper (at least once a quarter).

Plus.Zeitung (at least 4 times a year).

Shipping as

Plus. Newspaper.

One of the characteristics of a Plus.Zeitung is that it is editorial

Coverage, the scope of at least

8 pages per issue and the minimum quantity

of 500 pieces per delivery (except

for subsequent deliveries). Furthermore, she stands out

through a fast runtime. The Plus.Zeitung

is usually no later than two days after posting

delivered to their subscribers in the distribution center.

Shipping as


The most essential feature of Sponsoring.Post is

the editor property. If this is a non-profit

Purpose (associations, religious communities,

charitable organizations

etc.), then this shipping method can be used

be taken without a periodic appearance

is required. Here must -

except for subsequent deliveries - at least

1,000 pieces can be delivered per issue.

Shipping as

Regional medium.

Shipping methods

The characteristics of a printed font are decisive for which one is tailor-made

Logistics solutions - d. H. Transit times and inexpensive transport fees - publishers

can benefit. However, the prerequisite for this is the conclusion of a contract.

New from January 1st, 2006!

Regional media are not addressed and subscribe

are characterized by a regional distribution area.

You are thus directed "to a household" and will

to each Submissionplace distributed in the target area.

To be able to use this shipping method,

a regional medium must have at least 10 x im

Year and a length of at least

24 pages per issue. Furthermore, at least

400 pieces can be delivered per issue.

Financial statements

of a contract.


A sample copy of the publication is used to check whether all requirements are met

are fulfilled. If this is the case, then the "approval" for dispatch takes place as Media post-

Product: all data are recorded electronically, a contract is concluded with the media owner.




















Depending on whether the printed matter is a newspaper, Plus.Zeitung, Sponsoring.Post or regional medium

is to be sent, all information that is required for

the conclusion of the contract are required.

Financial statements

of a contract.

All contract applications are available for download at

www.medienpost.at available.

Indication of the frequency of publication (only for dispatch

of newspapers, depending on the number of issues

per quarter; decisive for duration and

Amount of the transport fee).

Title of the publication approved for dispatch

should be (subject of the contract).

Information on the media owner (name, address,

Etc.); the media owner is responsible for that

Placing a publication on the market and contractual partner

the post.

Deferral: payment of the transport fees

by direct debit (invoicing) -

in any case required when posting the magazines

to a distribution center.

A deferral agreement is required for a new application

as well as a debit order for direct debits

from the media owner's banking institution


With a valid deferral agreement for shipping

of Media post-Products: Indication of the approval number

the corresponding publication.

Specification of the invoice recipient, if this

differs from the media owner. Only required

if the payment of the fee against invoicing

by a third party (e.g. lettershop) and

not done by the media owner.






Information about the publisher (name, address, etc.);

this determines the basic direction of one

Pamphlet. The publisher is the contact person

the post office for additional information on the

editorial content.

Publishing post office (notification post office): those

Point to which undeliverable items are returned

become. Usually this is the

responsible delivery base.

Post office (posting distribution center): contractual

agreed delivery points - only here you can

Media post-Products accepted for shipping

as only contractually agreed

(Electronic) access to the

Receive contract data for acceptance.

Specification of the planned shipment volume per year

and the expected weight of a shipment

for resource planning at Swiss Post (when applying for a contract

for Plus.Zeitungen here is also the

Number of issues per year).

Specification of the desired first dispatch date

(required for drawing up the contract

as well as for the information of the delivery points and

the activation of the contract data).


Little hints

with great effect.

Correct addressing ensures correct identification of the Submissionplace the

Recipient. Because in the course of retrofitting the house mailbox systems, the Submissionmake clear

only defined by the street name, house number, stairs and door number

become. It is not guaranteed that house mailboxes are fully labeled.

Correct addressing.

Correct addressing facilitates work processes,

accelerates this and enables efficient

Sort by. Can shipments also

can be machine read and edited, shortened

that is the delivery time. In addition, benefit

machine-compatible sponsoring. Post shipments

in format up to C5, which are not heavier than 50 grams

and are no thicker than 5 mm, from the lowest

Austrian transport fees

Post AG.


The correct address structure also enables a

easier readability and faster assignment.

The recipient's address is left-justified

printed on and contains - from top to bottom

ordered - the name of the recipient who

Address of the recipient (street, house number,

Stairs, door number), the postcode and the

Destination (in any case required at

Shipping as Plus.Zeitung).


John Doe

Mustergasse 1

1230 sample location


It also contains a machine-readable address

no blank lines, dispenses with the country code

"A-" and uses simple and clear fonts

without serifs (e.g. Arial). The font size is

with 2.5 to 3 mm (approx. 12 points) for capital letters

ideal. On attributes like bold, italic and the like

is to be waived. Between the individual letters

should a gap be visible, the

Characters must not "stick". If necessary

can be the "tracking" (the distance between the

Letters) can be set a little larger.

Detailed information on the machine Lesund

You can find the editability of shipments in

the brochure "Perfect addressing" or below

www.business.post.at. Likewise you answer

Customer advisors will be happy to answer any further questions.

Not correct:

John Doe

Mustergasse 1

A-1230 sample location


Franking marks.

The correct postage indicium identifies the

Shipment throughout the entire logistics process.

He ensures that Media post-Products from

correctly assigned to each Post employee and immediately

can be further edited.

For this reason it is imperative to

that the following postage indicia on the

are correctly printed on the respective shipment. Because


Correct addressing and the correct postage indicium thus enable one

smooth shipping and get the magazines to their destination quickly and safely. All Media post-Products

can be sent open or in an envelope (envelope, foil). In

In any case, the address and the postage paid must be clearly visible.

Daily, weekly or monthly newspapers:


Contract number including product letter (T, W, M)

Name of the publisher's post office

Plus newspaper:


Plus newspaper + contract number + product letter (P)

Name of the publisher's post office


Österreichische Post AG / Sponsoring.Post

Contract number including product letter (S)

Name of the publisher's post office

Regional media

Österreichische Post AG / Post fee paid in cash

RM contract number including product letter (K)

Name of the publisher's post office

it is precisely because of this little hint that they stand out

Magazines from all other postal items

and arrive at your readers on time. In

the quality and reliability for which the

Post stands - and this is done by the subscribers



03Z012345 W

1010 Vienna


Plus newspaper 05Z067891 P

1010 Vienna

Österreichische Post AG / Sponsoring.Post

04Z034567 S.

1010 Vienna

Österreichische Post AG / Postage fee paid in cash

RM 01A023456 K

1010 Vienna

Transport is a federal matter.

The correct manufacture of stable bundles guarantees quick and smooth transport

in the corresponding target area. The same applies here: small tips, big impact.

Routing zone bundle:

sorted according to the first digit of the postcode.

Leading area federation:

sorted according to the first two digits of the postcode.

Guide line bundle:

sorted according to the first three digits of the postcode.

Local association:

sorted by all postcode digits.

Get there faster

correct processing.

The most important criterion for bundling is

Postal code (zip code). The more frets for a particular one

Destination can be manufactured, the more

the magazines arrive there faster. Because

these "local groups" can be created directly without further processing

transported to the correct delivery base

become. Once there, the single copies can

quickly assigned to the correct delivery district

and the postman can get his copies

quickly sort according to its aisle order.

Easy editing.

It also results from the number of

matching digits of the zip code, how often

a bundle has to be processed further. Except for

Locally bound, the content of bounds is repeated several times

processed. The leagues become the next competent

Position in the logistics chain assigned and

forwarded. The next processing step takes place there,

etc. Thus, the finer the sorting, the

less time is needed to finally get the newspaper

lands in the right mailbox - the des


The optimal covenant.

After bundles thus faster than individual copies

can be processed, must at least

10 copies combined into a bundle

(exception: at least 5 pieces for

a single shipment weight over 500 grams).

Furthermore, for ergonomic reasons, a waistband may be used

not be heavier than 10 kg.


The bundle production begins with the correct sorting of the addresses: namely by

Post code and then by street, house number, block, stairs and door number.

The further sorting.

Due to the waist size (minimum height 2 cm, max.

Height: 23.5 cm) it is possible that not all copies

for a destination grouped into a local group

can be. From the rest

Copies in which the first three digits of the

Postcodes are identical - except for

Plus.Zeitungen - manufactured guide line bundles.

If the number is not enough for this either, they will

remaining copies as routing area bundles (agreement

the first two digits of the postcode),

then as a routing zone bundle (agreement

the first digit of the postcode).

Plus newspapers and regional media.

When shipping Plus.Zeitungen, make sure that

that bundling only according to destination (local group),

Guiding area and guiding zone takes place. Regional media,

as unaddressed, are in local bundles of each

50 or 100 consignments structured to be delivered.

Protection through stability.

A bundle is heavily used during transport.

Therefore, a bundle should be suitable for transport

and be bound very stably. That will go through

reached a cross lacing. With very soft

or thin bunches, an additional one is recommended

Cardboard stiffening or foil wrapping around the

Protect magazines.

Bundle slip - who is well written

is, makes better progress.

If the post employee can easily identify the content of the federal government and the target area,

it is quickly sent to the correct further processing.



















Checklist for one

correct bundle slip.

Title of the publication.

Information on the media owner (name, address).

Approval number (contract number)

of the pamphlet.

Dispatch type (daily, weekly, monthly newspaper,

Plus.Zeitung, Sponsoring.Post, regional media).

Posting date.

Post code of the place of posting.

Number of shipments contained in the federal government.

Product name.

Postal code of the target area (depending on the type of bundle: des

Location, the routing route, the routing area, the

Guide zone; depending on the bundling required).

For regional media, the following are also required:

the total number of bundles for the zip code,

the total number of items for the

Post code, routing code, identity code, the

Target group.

Bundles - properly labeled.

What applies to all postal items applies to bundles: they

must be addressed correctly. So that every covenant

He has to reach his goal reliably with a

own bundle slip.

Bundle slip

Bundle slips are to be provided by the sender. This can also be done using your own IT

Programs are produced, provided that all necessary information is included.

The target should be clearly visible on this

so that there are no misdirections, such as at

a wrong delivery base is coming.


Ideally, the bundle slip has the same format

like the magazine, but at least the format

DIN A5 (210 x 148 cm).


To speed up processing by the Post

and to avoid mix-ups

each bundle slip the product name (TZ, WZ,

MZ, Plus.Zeitung, SPON or RM). A lack

this information leads to misunderstandings and

complicates further processing.


Please note that the information on the bundle slip

at least with the appropriate lacing

of the federal government are clearly visible.

Plus. Newspaper.

Bundle slips for Plus. Newspapers are in landscape format

to create. Templates for bundle slips can be found under

www.medienpost.at ready for download.

On the pallets, set, go!

It is worthwhile to place the bundles on pallets if the shipment volume is appropriate

is high. In this way, the magazines can be transported efficiently.

From the bundle to the pallet.

The produced bundles are loose or on exchangeable

Delivering EURO pallets to the distribution center.

For environmental reasons

only reusable pallets accepted. In return

Österreichische Post AG provides the relevant

Pallets available.

The production of pallets depends on the volume of shipments

dependent. Is the amount sufficient

large or the regional distribution very strong,

the formation of local pallets is recommended (agreement

all four digits of the postcode). Is Vienna

the target area (routing zone 1), so are in any case

To manufacture local pallets.

Allocation according to lead areas.

In most cases it is also the manufacture of

Pallets according to routing areas (first two digits of the

ZIP codes make sense. This is where the division takes place

the bunch of destinations only towards the end of the

Logistics process. The lead areas are an exception

33 and 89. As these different

Are assigned to distribution centers, it is necessary

To form guide line pallets.

Palletizing according to distribution centers.

There are too few bundles for palletizing

There is a distribution center range

to build. Usually the

Processes shipments for several lead areas,

Bundles according to the different

Target areas redistributed and sent to the delivery bases

delivered. On the other hand, if lead areas are

different distribution centers combined on one pallet,

is an additional distribution process

required and leads to delays.

Remaining quantities.

In the event that bunches should remain, can

these are combined into a pallet.

It should be noted that "remaining pallets"

trigger numerous distribution processes. Must be here

finally the bundles already in the first distribution center

be redistributed.

To save time.

Again it can be seen: the finer the sorting, the more

there are no more processing steps - it's time

saved. It also depends on the right one

Assignment to. For example, if a routing area association is included

accidentally on a local pallet during production

lands, there will be delays in the running time

come. Newspaper copies made by others

Delivery bases must be distributed again

to the responsible distribution center and from

be transported to the right places there.

Such misdirections can be corrected with

Palletizing can easily be avoided.

Measurements and weight.

One more thing is important: a pallet shouldn't

be heavier than 700 kg and the maximum height

do not exceed 1.40 m.

The current palletizing plan and others

Information on correct palletizing

Your customer advisor or at

[email protected]

Dispatch preparation

And the better and finer the sorting, the fewer stations on the way to the reader!

The flow of the logistics chain is not interrupted for further processing steps.

1 2

1 2










Correct labeling.

Correct labeling, ideally on all of them

four sides of the pallet, leads to the goal. And the lighter

the pallet slip and the required

Information is recognizable, the more efficient it comes

the pallet to its destination.

This should also be taken into account when the

Pallet to increase transportability or

is wrapped in foil for protection. Important for one

Post-processing is facilitated, instantly

to be able to recognize:

who is the sender,

what does the palette contain,

where should the pallet be transported.

Format and labeling.

A minimum size of DIN applies to pallet notes

A4 (21 x 29.7 cm). The lettering must contain information

About the sender, the shipments and the destination

(Location, routing area or distribution center)


Information on the media owner.

Title of the publication.

Type of dispatch (daily, weekly, monthly newspaper, etc.).

Destination: 1010 Vienna (local pallet).

Destination: e.g. VZ 4000 (distribution center pallet):

All groups of lead areas or lead routes,

which are assigned to the VZ 4000.

Optimal preparation

leads to success.

Once the magazines have been properly prepared for dispatch, the next step follows: the task.

Here it is worthwhile to deliver large quantities of shipments directly to a distribution center. Exactly

these distribution centers are equipped for this.

Time can also be saved in the acceptance process. A simple calculation: are

all documents prepared correctly and if they contain the necessary information, the

delivered print media are accepted, forwarded quickly and correctly billed.

1. The task.

After the print media are optimal for shipping

are prepared, there will be large quantities of shipments

delivered directly to a distribution center. Essential

is that the desired "abandonment points" before

the initial dispatch of the magazines

have been agreed. Otherwise, the

Post employees are not recorded on the computer

Access data, an acceptance of the pamphlets

for shipping is not possible. Thus is also with

a planned change of "Submissionput "early

to make a new contractual agreement.

Only then are you at the required time

all data available for acceptance of print media.

At the major customer counters in distribution centers

Shipments only against invoicing to

Shipping accepted, cash payment is not accepted



Basically, magazines are between

8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. when contractually agreed

Distribution center can be delivered.

Compliance with the closing times is essential

required, especially in the case of Plus.Zeitungen that

yes arrive at the reader two days after posting


Special closing times apply to daily newspapers.

After all, these are special

time-sensitive print media that are published on the day of publication

Delivered to readers throughout Austria.


Should it be a shipment volume of

trade over 100,000 pieces, it is advisable to

at least 5 working days (except Saturday)

before the planned posting date, the amount of the

responsible customer advisor or by e-mail to

notify [email protected] It

everything is then set in motion so that during the day

resources necessary for the posting

Further processing are available.

Distribution plan.

To logistical processes for the dispatch of a time-sensitive

It is worth optimizing print media

as well, as part of the conclusion of the contract

to submit a distribution plan, the publication days,

Shipment volume, estimated

Includes individual shipment weight etc., and

to renew this annually. When shipping from

In any case, regional media is a distribution plan


For more information, please contact your

Account Manager. All necessary documents

and templates can also be found on the Internet at



2. The assumption.

As part of the acceptance process, it is checked whether all the necessary shipping documents are complete

available and the shipments are properly prepared for dispatch. Likewise will

Checks on the basis of the specimen copy whether the information given in the documents

are correct.

Efficient processing

through proper preparation.

The same applies to delivery to a distribution center

as with the task in a post office are different

Documents required to make the shipments

to be able to accept and settle.

Decisive for the calculation of the transport fees

include the shipping method

(Daily, weekly, monthly newspaper etc.) and that

Weight. Because of this, the following

Documents required:

Specimen copy.

Task list.

Distribution plan when sending Sponsoring.Post and

Regional media.

Task list.

In the task list it must be stated in detail which

Media post-Product shipped in what quantity

and how heavy a single copy is.

When determining the weight of the magazine (carrier medium)

self-inserts are to be taken into account.

For side dishes that are not in the exclusive interest

of the publisher

it is foreign supplements.

It should be noted that third-party inserts in newspapers

in total are not heavier than the carrier medium

(including own supplements). With regional media

the maximum total weight is 200

Grams, while sponsoring.Post shipments

no third-party inserts are permitted.


Finally, the transport charges are determined on the basis of this information and the

Acceptance confirmed. However, if there is a lack of important information or preliminary work within the framework

the dispatch preparation, the print media can only after appropriate clarification with the

Sender can be accepted for the dispatch.

Scatter plan.

For regional media and sponsorship. Post broadcasts

a spreading plan is also required in which

it must be stated in detail what number of items is going where

is shipped. All information is electronic

recorded and the corresponding transport fee


Payment or billing.

If the items are posted in a post office,