Can I pluck my white hair

Hair myth: does gray hair multiply when you pluck it?

For every plucked gray hair, two come to the funeral - every woman has probably heard of that before. Does gray hair really multiply when you pluck it? We are getting to the bottom of the matter and hereby clearing up this hairy myth once and for all. You will also learn how you can tackle the first gray hairs without tweezers

The day you look in the mirror and see the first gray hair on your head is inevitable. After digesting this mini-shock, you are probably wondering what can be done about it. Before you know it, you stand in front of the mirror again - this time with tweezers in your hand. Because: if the first gray hair never gets to the public, it may not even have been there. Bad idea After all, everyone has probably heard the phrase “a plucked gray hair is followed by two new ones”. But is that really true?

Plucking gray hair

The good news right at the beginning: gray hair does not multiply if you pluck it. So it doesn't suddenly grow out of one hair follicle - the structures that surround the hair root and are responsible for hair growth - two gray hairs. Only one hair can grow from a hair follicle at a time. Even plucking doesn't change that. In order not to destroy the hair follicle, the gray hair should only be removed carefully, if at all. If the hair root is affected, the hair can no longer grow back at this point.

That's why the hair turns gray

Gray hair doesn't just have to do with age. The first silver hairs often sprout in women in their mid-twenties. They can then be the result of too much stress or an unbalanced diet. So-called melanocytes are responsible for keeping the hair color. They produce the color pigments, the melanin. If this production decreases, air bubbles take the place of the pigments. These in turn make the hair look gray or white. You can remove gray hair with tweezers, but you cannot change the melanin production. Gray hair always grows back gray.
If the mane continues to lose its natural color over time, it makes less sense to pluck all gray hair. Rather, use a color if you don't want to get used to your gray hair just yet. Isolated gray hair can be wonderfully concealed with highlights. If gray sections of hair have gained the upper hand, we recommend coloring the entire hair. Important: It is essential to re-dye it regularly, a gray streak quickly looks negligent.