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Afraid of the future?

In the Video series "And what do you think?" The psychologists Stefanie Rietzler and Fabian Grolimund ask young people about school, parents, friendship and the future. In the new episode, they wanted to know from the young people what makes them afraid about the future.

Interviews: Stefanie Rietzler & Fabian Grolimund

What is it that concerns young people when they think about their future? Is it the uncertainty about the right job choice? Or climate change? Watch the video to see what worries teenagers.

«What scares you when you think about the future?»

For the new film series «And what do you think??»Developed by psychologists Stefanie Rietzler and Fabian Grolimund in collaboration with the Parenting Foundation, young people aged 13 to 18 make themselves heard and answer questions about school, parents, friendship and the future.

All episodes at a glance:

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