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New January 8th: Saweetie, Christopher, Linkin Park and more

There it is, freshly unpacked, the year 2021 - and it is about to begin with a select selection of new publications:

Saweetie: Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) (Single)

The new year starts with a grandiose collaboration that has produced a club-friendly banger: the multi-platinum artist and international trendsetter Saweetie has dealt with the grammy® nominated rapper and singer Doja Cat teamed up; Their collective, empowering anthem is made for wild girls' evenings, at home or - hopefully very soon - back in the streets, bars and clubs out there. The two rising superstars have great chemistry in "Best Friend" and build each other up - just like real friends do. This makes the song a perfect prelude to the upcoming debut album "Pretty B * tch Music" by Saweetie; the track is now available everywhere.

Christopher: Good To Goodbye (feat.Clara Mae) (Single)

2020 meant well to him: "Ghost" and "Leap Of Faith" became big hits, especially in the Danish charts, reaching over 10 million streams. "Ghost" was also nominated for "Best Radio Track of the Year" at the Danish Grammys. And although he couldn't travel to Asia for his tour, he took a successful feature with K-pop star Chung Ha which was number 1 on the Korean international charts. So now we are in the year 2021, and Christopher has released another smash hit: For "Good To Goodbye" he invited the talented Swedish artist Clara Mae to tell the story of a relationship with him that fluctuates between "good" and "goodbye". Freshly released, the track is now everywhere.

Linkin Park: One Step Closer (100 gecs Reanimation) (Single)

Right at the beginning of the year they are continuing the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of their debut album with a new release: "One Step Closer", the lead single from "Hybrid Theory", has appeared in "100 gecs Reanimation". Linkin Park recruited the critically loved, innovative pioneers to rethink, conceptualize and, yes - reanimate the groundbreaking anthem according to their ideas. 100 gecsDylan Brady and Laura Les - present a wacky interpretation of the song that preserves the intensity of the original, but at the same time penetrates into completely new realms, because 100 gecs work in addition to the production also their own vocals. "Resuscitation" is now available everywhere.

JC Stewart: Break My Heart (Single)

He made a huge leap forward in the last year, you don't have to be a prophet to see him as a hot tip for 2021. At Spotify Almost three and a half million monthly listeners follow him, plus there's plenty of airplay on the biggest broadcasters (his last single "I Need You To Hate Me" reached number 6 in the German airplay charts, and stayed in the top 10 over Christmas and the New Year and has already collected over 37 million streams. In addition, none other than a star producer created All colors an official remix in December. That JC Stewart will continue seamlessly in 2021, shows his new single "Break My Heart", an "explosive love story that can be addicting" (JC), which is now available everywhere.

Ofenbach: Wasted Love (feat.Lagique) (Single)

After the huge success of "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" (170 million streams worldwide, Top 10 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands), the two French are now delivering another hit: "We wrote and produced 'Wasted Love' during the summer while 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes' hit the charts around the world. That gave us the energy to produce a song that would be an anthem to us.", tell Ofenbach. This time the duo refines their unique and typical dance pop with a touch of progressive house, and the melancholy and catchy vocals come from Lagique. "Wasted Love" is now available everywhere.

Pháo: 2 Phút Hơn (KAIZ Remix) (Single)

It all started at the end of last year with an anime dance video by TikTok-Userin marlenea23 on the track that was picked up by many other users within a very short time, including some of the best known TikTokInfluencers. "2 Phút Hơn", as they say, went viral and through the roof - the title has now been at the top of the global for more than two weeks TikTok-Charts and has now 1.3 million from there Shazams triggered, which also meant a number 1 placement there. From today on there’s the viral sensation with which Pháo made a rocket-like start in the remix of DJ KAIZ also as a single everywhere.

Charlotte Lawrence: Talk You Down (Single)

"We all deal with our feelings in different ways, and we've all had so many different kinds of emotions over the past year. I wanted to be in a song about fears and how I deal with them. To talk to someone about it, how you feel is a perfect way to get through any emotional experience. " So describes Charlotte Lawrence her new single "Talk You Down", which she released today. The singer and songwriter remains true to her style, which brought her millions of streams with the viral breakthrough singles "Just The Same" and "Sleep Talking": She wraps deeply personal lyrics in irresistible pop melodies and festival-ready choruses. Just released, "Talk You Down" is now everywhere.

LUM! X & Hyperclap: Major Tom (feat.Peter Schilling) (Single)

Few make it into the eternal hall of fame of timeless songs - "Major Tom (Totally Detached)" is one of those rare cases, published in 1983 by Peter Schilling, a huge hit of the "Neue Deutsche Welle", number 1 in the German single charts for eight consecutive weeks. Also internationally he found a wide audience, which only recently was the use of the song in the internationally successful NetflixSeries "The Umbrella Academy" proved impressively. The classic also saw a new edition in English, number 1 in the German, Austrian and Swiss charts as well as # 1 in the Canadian, # 2 in the Dutch and French and # 4 in the South African charts. Now the DJ and producer duo has Hyperclap with producer and EDM DJ LUM! X teamed up and gave us a new version of the English version - and Peter Schilling himself took over the vocals! This new "Major Tom" is now available everywhere.

RMR: Her Honeymoon (Single)

The magazine Stereogum called him "an artist with a feel for many genres and a strong creative vision", Washington's cool private radio npr sees in as one "a really promising pop-rap artist, one who can create smooth global anthems without sinking into the gray of playlist fodder ". What began with his breakthrough single "RASCAL" and continued with the EP "DRUG DEALING IS A LOST ART" is lifted RMR (read: "Rumor") now to a new level: Today his new single "Her Honeymoon" was released, which without a doubt opens a new chapter of his creativity - and is now available everywhere.

Capo Plaza: Allenamento # 4 (Single)

At 20, he drew the attention of the assembled Italian TrapScene on itself, quickly became one of its most important representatives. His lyrics - which deal with topics like reparation and rehabilitation, for example - send a strong message to fans: If you believe in yourself, nothing and nobody can stop you from achieving your goals. Published in April 2018 Capo Plaza his eagerly awaited debut album "20", which reached gold status in Italy just two weeks later; a full year after its release, it was still in the top 15 of the Italian charts. In 2021 he will release his long-awaited second album, from which the advance single "Allenamento # 4" has now been released - available now everywhere.