America will outsource its declarations of war

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War ban

Martial law is part of international law. They are treaties that state exactly how everyone who wages war against one another should behave in a war. In the past, the king of one country determined whether he would go to war against another country in order to achieve his goals. That was called "freedom of war". The war ban has been in effect since 1928. At that time, several states signed a treaty in Paris, which over time more and more states have signed. A war of aggression is prohibited under martial law.

Allowed wars

Nevertheless, disputes between states repeatedly develop into wars. Martial law allows the attacked state to fight back and defend itself ("war of defense"). If a state threatens another state with war, the threatened state may then start a war. This is called "preventive war". Allowed Such a war is only possible if an attack is imminent, but the demarcation to a war of aggression is not always clear.

Rules for war

The rules and principles that should apply during a war are written down in the Hague Convention and the Geneva Convention, among others. These rules determine, for example, that prisoners of war must be treated humanely. Civilians, i.e. people who are not soldiers, must not be captured. Unfortunately, even if many states officially recognize these rules, that does not mean that they always adhere to them in the event of war.