Which big companies had almost closed once?

The corona pandemic is putting many textile retailers under massive pressure. Now a well-known German fashion chain has been hit. The company with its 3350 employees has to file for bankruptcy.

  • The new one corona-Lockdown hits stationary retail with full force.
  • Textile traders in particular are struggling to survive.
  • To Hallhuber and Bonita must now also Adler Modemärkte AG Register for bankruptcy. Customers are concerned.

Update from January 12th, 10:23 am: The bankruptcy of the fashion retailer Adler fashion stores has caused concern in the network. “I'm really sorry about that,” writes a user on Facebook. Adler is “the only shop in Greifswald where you can still find textiles for every budget”, another. In addition, many users worry about the employees. For them, the development is "very bad", it says on the portal. The company employs 3350 people nationwide.

However, some users doubt that the misery occurs Eagle alone on corona should be attributed. At Adler, sales had already declined before the outbreak of the pandemic, writes a user on Twitter. The lockdown "accelerated" a foreseeable development, it is said.

The company out Haibach at Aschaffenburg had announced on Sunday that he had filed an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings in self-administration due to over-indebtedness. As a justification, Adler referred to the corona lockdown. They want to reorganize the company through an insolvency plan. Business operations should be continued in full, it said.

Corona crisis: Well-known German fashion chain with 171 branches bankrupt - "What a shame, I liked shopping there"

First report from January 10th, 10.11 p.m. - The Adler Modemärkte AG has filed an application to open insolvency proceedings in self-administration due to over-indebtedness. The fashion chain referred to the reason Haibach at Aschaffenburg to the renewed closure of almost all 171 branches. This has led to "considerable sales losses". Despite "intensive efforts" it was not possible to "close the liquidity gap that had arisen by injecting capital from state support funds or investors," it said. "The new one corona* -related closure of almost all locations has unfortunately left us no other choice, "said CEO Thomas Joy. However, business operations are to be continued in full.

Adler is planning a bankruptcy under self-administration. The board of directors remains in office and authorized to issue instructions. In addition, the lawyer Christian Gerloff appointed general representative. Gerloff is an experienced expert and was most recently at the world-famous fashion house Escada* Acting as an insolvency administrator.

Adler Mode GmbH, Adler Orange GmbH & Co. KG and Adler Orange Verwaltung GmbH - all wholly owned subsidiaries - have also decided to apply to the Aschaffenburg District Court to open insolvency proceedings under self-administration.

According to its own information, Adler Modemärkte AG currently operates 171 stores, 142 of them in Germany, as well as an online shop. There are other markets in Austria, Luxembourg as well as in the Switzerland. The focus was on the age group 55 and over. Most recently, the company was also a brand ambassador to the wider public Birgit Schrowange been known.

Adler Modemärkte: Corona pandemic hits the industry with full force

In 2019 the group achieved a turnover of 495.4 million euros. As of September 30, 2020, it had around 3,350 employees. The company was founded in 1948 as a clothing company in Annaberg (Saxony).

“Oh dear, I liked shopping at Adler. There was also a large selection for large sizes and at a reasonable price, ”writes a regular customer on a Facebook post from BR24. Others, however, think that Adler has declined: “I was a loyal Adler customer for a long time, but the range has not been appealing to me in recent years! That will probably have affected more customers. Corona was certainly not to blame. Perhaps one should classify this under market adjustment ”, writes a customer. “Adler Mode is old-fashioned, at 71 I can't even find a chic item”, another.

Many companies in the fashion industry were not doing well before the Corona crisis. Most recently, numerous textile retailers and manufacturers had to file for bankruptcy, including Hallhuber, Bonita orGaleria Karstadt Kaufhof. The triumph of online retail and the success of fast fashion providers such as Primark or Zara they had little to oppose.

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