How do pirates communicate with each other


medium advantages disadvantage Best use Telephone / cell phone / fax / hotline
  • practically everyone has
  • Real time
  • Communication among members
  • Contact person for press etc.
  • Fax may be a substitute for letters
Flyer / giveaways
  • can have a long-term effect (e.g. ballpoint pens)
  • are partly original (e.g. free basic laws, pirate boats)
  • possibly expensive
  • labor-intensive
  • unknown chances of success
  • Personnel expenses: creation, construction, dismantling
  • storage
  • possibly expensive
  • Campaign to keep up with the other parties
TV / radio spots
  • Show: We are there
  • reduced price for elections (35% of 100%)
  • Needs experienced designers / video artists / speakers
  • Broadcast times and channels cannot be freely determined
  • Campaign to keep up with the other parties
Guerrilla marketing campaigns
  • Internet-savvy
  • Free / Inexpensive
  • may be media-savvy
  • needs a very creative idea to be good
  • usually needs a lot of people to be good
  • Can be misunderstood by ordinary people
  • If someone has a good idea: do it!