Natsu dies

Chapter 15 .: happy ending

* 5 years later *

It has now been 5 years and our friends are living their lives every day. With all their happiness, sadness and joy. Many of the fairies started families and new fairies were added.
A lot has happened. New member. New master. New adventures. New enemies and especially new friends and allies.
Two years ago, Master Makarov emigrated and disappeared without a trace, which is why Erza became the new Master and did an excellent job.
Gerard and Erza had another son, Yoon, on the world they baptized Makar, in the name of old Makarov, as a souvenir of him.
Levy and Gajeel bought their own house not far from Fairy Tail and took care of their three children. Yes Levy also gave birth to two children. Two girls whom they named Lillith and Fiona. This time Panterlilli was also able to help decide the names of the daughters, which is why the name Lillith came about. Cute isn't it?

Let's go on, to Gruvia. Gray and Juvia also bought their own house together, near Lucy's old apartment, and lived happily there. Her son, Mizu, also had a little sibling, Sunny. Everyone called the little active girl, the sunshine of the guild, because every time she radiated warmth and love and conjured up a smile on everyone, even if she was only two years old. Evergreen and Elfmann also married Bixlow and Lisanna on the same day. It had been a huge party. Like every wedding, it ended in chaos. But that's what Fairy Tail was like. Evergreen and Elfmann also gave birth to their son, Woody, last year. Bixlow and Lisanna were also expecting a child, whom Lisanna was four months pregnant.

Things were going very well between Wendy and Romeo at the time, even if things didn't look very good between the times when Master Makarov disappeared. But it had been a difficult time for everyone at Fairy Tail. However, one has to say that time is running out and life goes on. Together they got through this difficult time and were able to start a new beginning, just like Wendy and Romeo found each other again and are inseparable to this day. Today they are engaged and are in the midst of planning and organizational stress. Mira and Laxus got married shortly after Natsu, Lucy, Nashi and happy returned from their honeymoon and one year Mira gave Laxus a son, Ash Dreyar.

Now we come to our most important couple. The couple to whom this fan fiction is actually dedicated. NaLu.

Natsu and Lucy Dragneel.

The happy couple went through all the ups and downs to this day and remained inseparable. Nashi also got a brother whom they named Nashwill, or Nash for short. The family thought they couldn't be happier. Despite the difficult times, despite small arguments, Natsu and Lucy stayed together and their love for each other and for their children grew from day to day. The children also grew and learned pretty quickly. All children got along really well with each other. Natsu and Gray continued to provoke and fight, Elfmann continued to insist on his manliness, Evergreen rolling her eyes again and again, but each time smiling lovingly and Erza resolved every conflict as always and if her strawberry cake was damaged, she showed her children how she is strong and taught them many lessons.

Well, at that very moment our protagonists were sitting in the beloved guild and having a great chat. The blonde-haired woman was chatting with her best friends Levy and Juvia and watching her children in the corner of her eye as they played with the other kids. There was a slight smile on her face.

That smile disappeared in the next instant and twisted into a painful face. She got up quickly and hurried to the women's room. The two blue-haired men were frightened and followed their friend. This puke the soul out of the body and did not look exactly good. "Hey Luce .... Are you feeling better?", Levy asked worried and auLucy after emptying her stomach and wiping herself off. She nodded weakly. "Take me to Wendy, please.", She asked Lucy and together with Juvia Levy carried her friend into the hospital room and fetched Wendy. When natsu noticed that something was wrong he wanted to rush into the hospital room but was stopped by Juvia and Levy who explained the situation to him. Just as the dragon slayer was about to reply, the door opened and Wendy asked, smiling very broadly, to enter Natsu. She left the couple alone with the words, "Don't worry, I'll take care of Nash and Nashi!"

Natsu rushed to his wife, worried. "Are you all right Luce?" The mother smiled and tears flowed down her cheeks, which the pink-haired man gently brushed away.

"Natsu ..... why do you always make me fat!", She laughed, crying slightly. Her husband didn't understand what she meant and looked at her questioningly. "Haha, Natsu du Baka! I'm pregnant!", She finally announced and when the pink-haired father of her children realized what she had just said, he pounced on her and gave her a long, tender, but passionate kiss.

"I love you Luce! I love you everywhere! And I love our children! Luce you make me the happiest man in the world!"

Tears of joy left his face.

"I love you too, Natsu. More than my own life. I would do anything for you and my two gold treasures. No, now there will be three. You are my one and only!"

Again the two lovers united their lips and strengthened the seal of their love even more ...

And if they haven't died then Fairy Tail destroys and Gray and Natsu provoke each other and they all still love each other today <3



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