Drag queens are usually gay

"Electra is a rampage pig"

Electra also repeatedly answers fan questions on her social media channels. Funny nonsense like "Why doesn't Hogwarts exist?" Alternates with serious topics - like, "What's the best way to cope with a breakup?" She would like to use the attention that Electra receives to promote diversity and to give more space to queer topics. Lately she has been hired more and more by well-known corporations such as Douglas, Netflix or Amazon for advertising cooperations. “Everyone is talking about diversity and I think it's great that more and more companies are attaching importance to it. People should see how colorful the world is. "

While other drag queens score with singing or comedy, Electra's shows focus on dance. But video installations and pop effects such as confetti cannons and fireworks are also used. Daniel grew up in the countryside near Fulda. “I used to lock myself in my nursery to dance to the music of Britney Spears, DJ Bobo or the Vengaboys. Even my parents weren't allowed to see it because I moved in a way that is generally considered female. I was ashamed of that - and at the same time dreamed of showing the world what I can do and what I enjoy. ”He's now happy that he's got the game of hide and seek behind him.