Why was Milo Yiannopolis banned from Australia

Milo Yiannopoulos says feminism is cancer and contraception makes women unattractive and crazy. Who is this pig Brave in nowhere has translated some of his statements:

“I encourage you, do not fight identity movements with your own identity politics. Instead, recapture reason, logic and the Common senseto show how crazy the whole identity movement is. Because here's the thing: if you force everyone to play the game of identity politics, if you insist on pitting whites against blacks, men against women, straight people against gays, then you're going to be successful, but that's not the way to go . The path you should take is this: Remind your opponents and yourself that it is better to be enthusiastic about values ​​and ideas. You should focus on what unites people rather than what divides them. And you should give a shit about skin color, sexual orientation and gender and be deeply suspicious of all people who give something to it. "

Only a racist can speak like that!

Milo Yiannopoulos knows what he's talking about. If he were to define himself in terms of an identity movement, a schizophrenic identity crisis would be inevitable. He is a British, homosexual, practicing Catholic with a Greek father and a Jewish mother who lives in the United States of America. When he needs to identify himself, he simply says: "I'm America's most dangerous fagot."

The German news magazine mirror call him one "Controversial right-wing populist blogger and Trump supporter" and the Daily mirror Call him"Ultra right". We all have our drawers. There are even people who call him a white racist, but Milo has this apt answer for these people:

“With the amount of black cocks in my mouth, I really have to be the greatest self-hating white racist in the world! White racists and anti-Semites hate me! "

Milo Yiannopoulos is a provocateur. I've laughed about and with him many times and I've been angry with him many times. Very often I disagree with him. What I like about him, however, is that he never uses violence and does not believe in judging people based on their skin color, gender and sexual orientation. Yes, his criticism is harsh, often unfair, but he faces every debate and always shows a sense of humor.

His argument with the feminist author Julie Bindel is legendary, in which both sides were so brilliant that it is worth watching the whole barely two hours.

Anyone who watched this conversation will become a fan of Julie Bindel. She is a brilliant scientist. That's why she's not afraid of Milo.

For me, Milo Yiannopoulos is a test to see how many people turn to hatred, lies and violence out of fear and insecurity. It is frightening how many there are. A few days ago, Milo was scheduled to perform at the University of Berkeley in the US state of California. However, due to violent student protests, the performance could not take place. The hatred of well-meaning students towards Milo Yiannopoulos was so great that violent protests robbed him of the right to free opinion guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution. The violence they used is terrifying. Pepper spray burned eyes and beat people. Incendiary devices were thrown and fires were set. There was blood flowing. Milo Yiannopoulos had to be evacuated. He later stated:

“They no longer allow any opinion to the contrary, not even a silly, harmless, gay speaker like me. You don't want students to hear different opinions. They are totally petrified when someone contradicts them and presents an alternative view of the world with arguments, facts and reason. I had to be evacuated from Berkeley University today. This university was once the spearhead of free speech, which makes the whole thing particularly sad. This campus no longer stands for free speech. I come from the UK where there is no first amendment to the constitution. I was hoping to find a place here in the United States where I could express my opinion, drop some good gags, and make people laugh and think without fear of violence. I thought America was where that was possible. Of course I am not a racist or a sexist as they claim. They only claim it to justify the violence against me. And even if everything they say about me were true, it still wouldn't be an adequate response to ideas! By claiming that I use my words to use violence, they justify their actual physical violence against me, because they have made it credible that I am a physical danger to the safety of the students. "

I expected such excesses as we are currently experiencing in America when Obama's inauguration from the Klu Klux Klan in 2009, but not at Berkeley University in 2017 after Donald Trump's inauguration. Borders are even closed for Milo. Australia recently issued an entry ban against Milo Yiannopoulos. So much for open borders.

A discourse was violently prevented at an American university, of all places where free discourse should be lived like nowhere else, where the elite of education lives, which should be able to live the freedom of thought, where clever minds argue , research and struggle to find out where academics should be talented enough to analytically recognize the wrong, so that there is no reason to banish thoughts because enlightened people there have the courage to understand their own mind without the guidance of another serve. Will the writings of Martin Luther and the Koran soon be banned at the University of Berkeley? What it says there is worse than anything that Milo has ever said for the best.

How do I know that those people who are denying Milo the right to participate in the discourse today won't remove me from the discourse tomorrow because they believe I am a danger? I dont know!

I like it:

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