What is the color of silver oxide

Heating silver oxide

Execution: Silver oxide, a uniform black powder, is heated in a hard-to-melt test tube. The resulting gases are collected in a test tube filled with water, which is placed upside down in a pneumatic tub. The gas is examined with the glow chip sample.

Observations: Small bubbles come out of the tube into the water (gas), all test tubes are full, silver oxide becomes whitish when heated, when the smoldering wood chips are inserted into the test tube, it lights up and the flame did not go out.

My interpretations:
1. Since silver oxide is a precious metal, it is less reactive.
2. When heated, oxygen is released or withdrawn from it
3. Silver oxide decomposes into the components silver and oxygen when heated.
4. ?

Reaction scheme: Silver oxide is a reaction product of the noble metal silver with oxygen.

Is this attempt a chemical reaction?
Give the four characteristics of chemical reactions and apply them to this specific example. Is it an endothermic or an exothermic reaction?
Reasons:? - I cannot answer these questions at all; - (((

Maybe someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.